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Boxing in Dillsburg

The end to a busy weekend was a day of Letterboxing in Dillsburg, PA.  There are a lot of very creative stamps in that town, thanks to Red Cruzsader. The finds were awesome, I think our (well, husband and I anyways) favorite was "Graveyard Guest", beautiful!!!! The little one liked the one that took us to Dairy Queen.  Our adventures led us to a park with these planted rows of trees. Of course I left the camera at home, but the iPhone still worked for capturing the scene. What a great place for family pictures. And tree rows like this creep me out since the letterboxing experience in Hanover with the paper mill trees, so nice spook factor too.


And leave it to my husband to let the tiny one walk over a log bridge all for the sake of a box. Gotta Love the adventure.


11 finds, 2 dishes of ice cream and a beautiful day with the family – who could ask for more.


Vintage Military Clothing Big Find

I was given a catalog from my grandfather, it's one of those things that come in the mail and you toss it out and never look at. Well, I browsed through it and saw this Vintage 1950's Swedish Navy Pea Coat. The cost was $30. There had to be some kind of catch, I couldn't find one. I continued through the catalog and found Vintage Swiss Army 100% wool sweaters, 2 for $25. I asked Husband if he would wear these things if I got them. He said he would. I was so excited, I ordered them right away as well as a new pair of black Army boots. The boots are on back order but the coat and sweaters came in the mail last week.

The Coat is to die for, not that you can see the coat very well in this picture, he couldn't wait to wear it since the tiny one got her's. They are so matchy, it's too cute.


The sweaters are awesome and he looks great in them. They fit good, they breath wonderfully and they are vintage.


Total dorky picture but…anyways.

So where did I score such wonderful things, the Sportsman's Guide. Can you believe it? Hidden amongst all that hunting and fishing stuff are these super awesome vintage finds.

AND let's just make it known that if these items were not military, they would not be worn. I've purchased some of the nicest  J. Crew, Old Navy and Gap sweaters but he would never wear them.

So the Sportsman's Guide is my new shopping site.

Letterboxing – New Clues – Forgotten Places

I guess I should start with a little blurb on what Letterboxing is. Well, we call it "Hiking with a Purpose." Letterboxing is an outdoor hiking adventure, where clues are followed to find "hidden treasures" out in the woods. In each box there is log book and rubber stamp, usually the rubber stamp is hand carved. "Finders make an imprint of the letterbox's stamp on their personal log book, and leave an imprint of their personal stamp on the letterbox's logbook ."  states LBNA – Letterboxing North America.org

 We have been Letterboxing for years now. We started in 2005 in New England. where you can't take two steps without finding a box. Since the move to PA our boxing days took a hiatus to having a kid and growing pumpkins, but with an increase of boxes planted in our area and the cooler weather setting in we are ready to hit the trails again.

Our trail name is Pointer Party. When we started boxing we had three German Shorthair Pointers and if you have ever encountered us on the trail we are a "party". Dogs, leashes, bags, ink, stamps – crazy business.

At this time we are one dog down but have a little one in tow. SO one less leash but now we have a kid carrier – still a party.

We cleared a couple of new plants just to get the kid geared up to hike. Sunday was a great day to be out and Kings Gap is always nice hike.


I'm not a box counter, which is apparent since my LBNA account was closed due to inactivity. So, I did it, I counted and we have found 580 boxes, planted 18, exchanged with 118 boxers and been to 5 events. These numbers pale in comparison with the greats we boxed with in CT but we are still proud of them.

We recently placed a new box, a little bit of a mystery to find.  

Somewhere near Carlisle, PA is located the "Forgotten Places" Letterbox

Forgotten Places

Our "Heritage" is something that is inherited from our past. Some people have "Army" memories, others remember their "Old Navy" days. Behind those memories are oLd, forgotten paths. The path less taken – the rocky road. It's down thiS road through fields, over BUmps and in the woods wheRe this forgotteN place is located. In her final resting place you'll have to find Elizabeth Hoffer. Time has taken a toll on the marker and it now leans in the direction you'll need to walk. The day of her death is the amount of steps you will have to take. Once you have taken the steps look to your left, by the back corner of an old marker base, between a "rock" and a hard place, you will find this forgotten place.Letterboxforgottenplaces

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Fall Fiesta Ware – Husband is the Best!

If you don't know, I have a large, very large, collection of Fiestaware, vintage and new. If you don't know what Fiesta Dinnerware is, it is a China Dinnerware that was first produced in 1936. It was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986. There are over 40 different colors and tons of kitchen accessories.

I have a plate rack that hangs above our home computer. It houses my Fiesta clock and 2 vintage dinner plates. Yesterday, I sat down to the computer and went to sit my cup of coffee on the counter and there laid my vintage yellow plate – the one that lives in the plate rack. I look up above the clock and spotted this friendly fellow smiling back at me. FallFiestaware

I love it. Husband had purchased the Scarecrow Feista Ware plate and stuck it in the rack for the fall holidays. He rocks – both Husband and the Scarecrow.



Salsa Verde – the Reason for Tomatillos

This is the second year we have grown tomatillos. Last year they grew even with neglect but this year we put a tad bit more effort into them and now we have a plant that has produced more then we could ever process.

What is a Tomatillo? It is a small green sphere shaped fruit with a husk. It's known as the green tomato and is a staple is Mexican food.


Last night we made Salsa Verde – green salsa – with chicken, black beans and rice.

My recipe for Salsa Verde:

1 pound Tomatillos
2 cloves of Garlic
1 JalapeƱo Pepper
2 tablespoons Fresh Hot & Spicy Oregano ( regular oregano is fine)
1 tablespoon Cilantro
1/2 teaspoon Cumin
pinch of Salt
2 cups of Water

I combined everything in a pot over medium-high heat, for about 10 – 15 mins. This softens the tomatillos. Once the tomatillo can burst when poked they are done.  Then I dump the mixture in the blender and pulse a couple of times. Voila – Salsa Verde – or at least something that resembles a green Mexican Salsa and tastes good to our family.


We cooked up some chicken and dumped the salsa over it. We used taco shells for the carrier of the rice, black beans and chicken/salsa. We topped them with cheese and fresh tomatoes.  


A Day to Blow Cash on Crazy Stuff

We went to the Hershey Car Show/ Flea Market on Thursday. It was awesome. An opportunity to visit with old friends and buy some really awesome junk!! First Husband stepped up and embraced my Circus Obsession by purchasing these fantastic vintage circus posters. Hershey-2


Then I found, in a box of crap being guarded by a very large dog, this super cool 1937 Fortune Telling Book, printed by the Harrisburg Patriot.


There were sooooo many vintage clothing vendors I could not believe it BUT every dress I tried on presented me with "busty issues", one of the vendors told me women back then just weren't as robust as I am….thanks, I think.  Total bummer because there was some really great pieces. The kiddo on the other hand scored a beautiful vintage '50's Navy Pea Coat. Hershey-4

This has now become the winter pirate outfit. Also on the cool side is that I have a Swedish Navy Pea Coat on order for Husband. It should be here any day, so the two of them will match – how cute. Other finds were 2 brass pirate buckles, a vintage paper piece for someone who probably will be reading this so no pictures, a Studebaker trinket for Dad, a couple of Hot Wheels and a handful of wrenches that Husband will turn into knives.

It was a great day to be out. The kiddo was in a vintage "Annie" style dress and rode in style in the Radio Flyer. Hershey2


Just great to see old friends – who am I kidding – I'm in love with those Circus Posters too.