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The Budding Photographer – 3 Years Old and Awesome

We bought our daughter a camera for Christmas. She has been clicking away ever since. I'm in awe of her perspective and composition. Is it luck or pure talent? Some of these pictures are better than many adults attempt at candids. I turned them to black and whites to help with background color, but other than that this is right out of the camera. I am inspired again to grab the camera and capture the fun of the holidays, since I skipped most of Christmas – I still have New Years. BUT here are the photos from the 3 year old. Enjoy.

In January I will give you all a review of this camera, so far it has taken 3 drops, 1 smash into the car door and it was used as toy pushed across the ground – lens side down and all is well. Let's see what else we can do to it. Stay Tuned.


Where’s My Cup? Party Problem Solved


New Year's Eve is almost upon us and many have big parties. One thing that happens at parties are #1 you lose your glass of beverage and #2 you don't know any ones name except for the host of the shindig. This simple project provides a solution to both problems.

As a great hostess make up some of these vinyl stickers for your party glasses. They will fit on a pint glass, cocktail or a wine glass. This way you can still have a nice glass vessel to serve your New Year cocktail, instead of the plastic cups.

These stickers are washable for use time and time again or completely removable with no marks left behind. This is a great green way to serve your guests too, instead of tossing out all of those plastic or worse – styrofoam cups.

Here's what you need:

Sticky Vinyl in a Color – I used white
Sticky Chalk Board Vinyl
Stick of Chalk for writing the names

I get all of my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, they have a great selection as well as speciality vinyls like Chalk Board Vinyl and White Board Vinyl. Check them out!

If you have a program for your cutting machine here is the SVG file for the Hello Sticker. Download Hello


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It’s the Most Wonderful Time

It all started with an early present of a puppy and really hasn't ended yet. We still one more meal tonight. Yesterday as the morning sun shined through the living room window, presents were unwrapped with a delicate fury of an excited but organized 3 year old. It was almost painful. One second she was ripping into a present then she would stop and remove all of the tape from the package. Then each present needed to be completely investigated, package opened, item played with then on to the next.

Plus check out the vintage bow tie! Love it



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Cracker Jack makes his mark

I was told one day that a bulldog would make our house happy. I said that our house is happy with the 2 German Shorthair Pointers, 6 goats and 3 sheep that we have. Well we would be more happy. Then dearest daughter told me that she wanted to take said happiness dog to dog school and they would be best friends.

So I looked into English Bulldogs, and while I do love them our budget didn't. Then I looked into adopting but couldn't find one local that fit our need. What I did find was a beautiful Pointer puppy, female, 3 months old, perfect. I filled out the adoption application, set up a meeting time and we preped for a new pup.

We went to the shelter yesterday and the woman said,"Oh your here to meet Marshmallow, I'll go get him." HIM, you mean her right?!?!? No he is definatly a HIM. I was worried that my daughter would be upset, so they found a female puppy too.

Although the female was cute, the boy won our heart. But what's with that name? We had to come up with something and something for a boy – we had planned on a girl and that was going to be Clara Bell, that will not suit a boy at all. Winston, Tree (never let a 3 year old name a dog), Chief, no,no,no. Then someone said Pirate, I said Captin Jack. Then Husband said it should follow the food names of the other dogs, Almond Joy (AJ) and Brownie AND it should start with a "C" then we would have ABC. SO it came to me, Cracker Jack. Prefect. So here he is, our new pup for Christmas.

As much as I wanted a Boston Terrier or English Bulldog (I know, trendy, right), I'm glad we got another Pointer. That's who we are. We are the house of the crazy pointer, we are Pointer Party. And we're happy that way. 408015_2586135965821_1027194630_32713335_1620259544_n

Owl Mobile

I am a member of the South Cumberland Fiber Guild . Each year we issue a challenge. This year was to create 10 5" x 5" squares. Then exchange squares with each and then make something using the squares.

My squares were multi colored felted wool. (as you can on the right hand side of the picture below) Other women in the guild also felted their squares (center bottom) and some knitted them (left side) The colors were all over the spectrum, lime green, orange, multi. The textures were different. It was truly a challenge to not just sew them together into a pillow or blanket.

The variety of squares truly inspired me to make something unique. My daughter had asked for a new mobile since hers was for babies. I came up with an owl idea. They are 2-D and 3-D and cute.

The women in my guild inspire me with all levels of talent and interests. Some weave, some spin, there are lacemakers, knitters, rug hookers, felters, farmers and teachers. I love each of them.




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Silk Play Streamers

This is a simple craft but brings so much fun and enjoyment to the kids. Made with natural materials this s a great toy for children of all ages. I used silk ribbon dyed different colors and a 3 inch wooden ring. These are part of a make believe kit, so I made pink and purple for my girls and blue and green for the boys.


I measured a six foot piece of ribbon, placed the wooden ring at the center


Then tied a square knot around the wooden ring.


I used 4 ribbons per wooden ring, there can be more but I was afriad of the kids getting tangled up in things if there were more ribbons.

As you can see I lost one in just a couple of minutes of finishing them. I know I made 5…now there's only 4. Oh wait, the fifth one is already running down the hall. So yes – a big hit with my daughter.


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Photo Booth Spices up the Party

"It's like they cloned some party in 1983 and kept spinning it out again and again and again."

(Quote from the movie BIG with Tom Hanks)

Some parties seem like that. Every couple of years, someone comes up with an idea to spice up a regular old office party. This year we had a homemade Photo Booth. This is simple to do and doesn't take much prep work. I had a photographer's backdrop, but any plain sheet – black or white can be used as a backdrop. 

Next the camera. It doesn't need to be anything professional, just something that can be attached to a tripod. AND a tripod. By using a tripod it gives a uniformed shot every time and the focus is the same for every image. This means that anyone can walk up to the camera and push the button – if you want them to. If you don't have a Tripod then you need a designated photographer. 

If you use a tripod, mark an X on the floor where the people are to stand and give them props to choose from. 

I walked around the house and came up with a handful of different hats, christmas decorations and garland, mustache cut outs and funny smiles on sticks. Anything.  

Then tell the party people what's going on and pick one outgoing person to get the ball rolling. Then watch the magic happen. Even if people don't take part, they still like to watch the ones that do.

After the party, get prints made for the posers and brighten their holiday with the funny snap shots. I am making a master copy for the office for everyone to see all of the images.

Here are the ones of my family taken at this years "office party". Enjoy.




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Doppelganger Peg People

Today's advent gift was a family of Peg People. Doppelgangers of our cute fam. These are simple to paint. There are many different ideas on how to paint your peg people, but this is how I do it.

First I choose a subject – this time it was us. Wordlesswedfamily-3

Next I pick out the Pegs. I purchased little peg people with a dress for my daughter. A bigger peg person for husband and a curvy peg person for me.

Then I used a pencil to draw the basics on the pegs. I have lines for clothes, the faces and hair.


Then I use my wood stain made out of watercolor paint and vinegar. I do not paint a base coat on the face. I like the natural wood look for the faces, so I just paint the features on the wood.


After the paint dries I put a layer of bee's wax wood polish to seal the wood. Now I can't say that these are exact replicas, but they were good enough for her to realize who they were when she opened them this morning. Although, this little girl doesn't have curly hair like she does but it's close enough.

So, this year immortalize your family by painting your own crew of Peg People.

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