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No DSLR photos today, just awesome iPhone images.
Here we go let's look at the week.


Yummy Homemade Granola in yogurt with orange slices.

This is my daughter's fortune – BUT right before she opened it, I suggested that she share her fortune cookie with the dog because it's his favorite cookie of all time.


Bento Lunches


Good Bye Joe Pa, am I a big fan no, but I can appericate what a great man he was.



Another Bento Lunch

Shrinky Dink Heart Necklace, my new obession, Shrinky Dinks – not hearts

Evelyn in her new-to-her coat
More Bentos!

So this week was all about lunch I guess.

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Shiver – A Book Review

Books are one of my Favorite Things.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I honestly picked this book because of the cover. It was well designed and it lured me over to it at the library. I picked it up and checked out the summary, wolves. That is a a step away from my normal vampire stories, I thought I would try it.

The story is told from two points of view, one is Grace a young girl who is obsessed with the wolves in the woods around her house. She waits for them each year as the cold sets in. The other is Sam who has been living two lives, one human one wolf, both in love with her, the one who waits for the wolves. It is a fantastic love story based on a love of the soul, not the outward appearance. I was once told that the eyes are the doorways to the soul, well this book definitely takes that theory to the next level.

As the reader, I was torn, did I want Sam to stay human and be with Grace or did I want Grace to become a wolf and be with Sam.

I loved this book which is the first in a series. It was a quick read and the story kept moving. The characters are lovable and you don't want the story to end.

**This next comment is because I'm now a mom and look at the relationship between parents and kids. Something to think about if you see your kids reading any book.**

My only dislike of the story is the way the parents of the characters are portrayed. It's like all great teen stories, if the parents were more involved the teens wouldn't have the liberty to do what they do – then there would be no story. But I guess that's what happens when you become old, you look at these things. I felt bad that there was such an estranged relationship when it came to the teen and parents. Then I thought about my childhood and thought, I would never get away with this.


This is book 3 of my goal of 33 for 2012. I'm exctied, I think I'm going to make it now that I found this series, plus a couple others.

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I’m a Contributor at Think Crafts Blog

I'm the new Kid's Craft Contributor at Think Crafts. A Blog with tons of craft ideas and tutorials. I will be featured 4 times a month with my quirky, fun crafts for kids. Some of my posts are for crafts to makes with kids and some of them are things to make for kids. I'm super excited!!!

Please visit me over there. Today is my feature post – Momma Mittens, perfect for this time of year if you have a toddler in tow.

Creative Juices are flowing like crazy now. It's just what I needed to jump start the year!!

MochiMochi Tiny Cupcakes

Oh how I am in love with this book. First off I have always wanted to make tiny little toys and softies, but all the patterns I could find were for Crochet, which for the life of me, I can not do. This book is for knitting, yippie!! Husband bought me this book for Christmas and I have been flipping through it almost every day since! The pictures are brilliant both in color and in content. The tiny items that can made range from food to animals, planets to people. This is a must try for any knitter.

The patterns in this book are so simple to follow and knit up in an hour or less. All of the patterns use a size 1 set of Double Pointed Needles and lace or sock yarn. If you want they can be made even smaller.

For my first project I picked the cupcake. An easy project using only 2 colors. It is knit in 2 parts then stitched together, decorated with a little embroidery floss for sprinkles and eyes. So easy. I like the way the increases and decrease are made, they make for a nice clean finished product.

I am a member of the South Cumberland Fiber Guild and we always take part in Gathering of The Guilds in late Feburary. This year our group was to provide swaps for the goodie bags. I thought I would knit up some cuteness from this book. To add to the awesomeness I glued magnets to the back.



Book Review – 2 towards 2012 Goal

Well, I think I'm moving along fairly quickly for my usual slow reading self. I just finished book 2 of 33 last Sunday and I have already cracked book number 3.

I just finished Dead in the Family, by Charlaine Harris. It is one of the Sookie Stackhouse series. There are time when you think for goodness sake, I wish this girl would just stay at home then she wouldn't get herself into trouble. Well in this book – home is the last place she should be. Again, another fast paced storyline that keeps the reader on the edge of your seat and speed reading to get find out what happens. A large cast of Supernatural Beings co-habitating in a small area of Louisiana. Just when you think you have gotten rid of one problem by shutting the portal, something else comes up and sucks the characters into another life threatening event. The Vamps have their issues, The Weres and Shifters theirs, the fairies have been cut off from the humans, but this poor telepathic girl is in the middle of it all and has to deal with everyones junk, when as a reader, you just want her to be happy. I'm in love with this series and will be coming back for more.


I'm tracking all my wants and desires when it comes to books at http://www.goodreads.com/ . I can see what my friends are reading, what's new and recommendations based on books I ranked high on my list. It also has a place to keep track of your reading goal for the year. Awesome!

The Cabin Fever Event

So, my Dad asked us to go to this event called Cabin Fever. Husband has been to it before and it sounded…well…just not what I wanted to do with my Sunday. BUT because we were asked we packed up the kid and trucked over to York, PA to the fair grounds.

The event ended up being fairly interesting. There were small engines, gas powered remote control boats, cranes, planes, cars, trains and an entire circus. If I heard Husband say how amazing these things were one more time I think I would have punched him in the arm – I got it – they were amazing.

I guess I liked the boats the best. They had a lot of details.

Then on the way home we stoped at the road side pretzel stand, it's one of those things you have to do everytime you pass it.








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