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Teaching the Color Wheel

We have decided to do preschool at home to prepare our daughter for Kindergarten. I have tons of projects in my mind to do, I can't wait. This first project I found on Pinterest. It is a matching game using paint chips.


Well, it took no time at all for her to match the colors up. She said it was too easy…Husband got some wrong, but she said it was easy. She was right on every one.


I had to come up with more to the game. I made a color wheel for the Primary Colors and a smaller wheel for the Secondary colors. Once they are complete the secondary wheel can sit on the primary wheel putting the colors in the right spot.


Next I made a card for color mixing, yellow + blue = green


Then a card for her to learn complementary colors.


This game packs up and will be great on car rides. I have a whole bunch of ideas for a multi player game, similar to go fish.

If she gets good at this we will have to add the tertiary colors and another wheel!

I’m still here – somewhere

I feel like such an absentee parent to my baby blog. I haven't posted anything all week. Life has been totally crazy.

Let's start with my Birthday. I have successfully completed another trip around the sun, all in all that's not so bad. I didn't ask for anything so I wasn't disappointed, in fact I was pleasantly surprised. Husband got me a Kindle Fire. I didn't even know I wanted one until I opened it and now I'm happy I have it. I still haven't figured out too much about it, but I got a couple books on it.

Along with that last week was full of dance classes for the little one, sword classes for the husband and a bunch of tiny people parties. I went to Gathering of the Guilds for my Spinning and Fiber Guild. It was very fun and I sold some of the fiber from our fiber, so it was a good day.

What else has been going on? Well, here is a link to another contributor post on Think Crafts, Birdie Yarn Bomb. I love finding bird nests, this will make them super beautiful and warm too. Check it out.Nest-3
I have been working on tons of crafts and projects. So look for some fun things to come.

This week starts March Madness for the little one's dance school. They said being an Irish Dancer in March is like being a Santa in Dec. I am excited, almost like I'm going to do it. It's crazy. Saturday she dances at a local Irish Pub, later in the month there are 2 parades and a big show. Again, look for pictures this month of awesome danceness.

So, I'll try and get back on track. Enjoy Leap Year tomorrow.

Insta Friday

There isn't much for this week except for the kid's surgery. It was Dental Surgery but still scary as all get out for Momma. They had to put her under, give her an IV and breathing tube. That's some serious business.

These are the picts of her before going under

. Instafriday17

These pictures were taken after they gave her the "magic potion", a drink to sedate her. It's like a shot of alchohol for an adult. And they didn't know how she would react, some kids become sleepy and goofy, some bounce off the walls. Kind of like adults, some are happy drunks and some are mean drunks…right? Well, she became I guess something similar to Andy Warhol. Frantic Artist with emotional ups and downs.



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Geeky Library Bag


We have embraced our local library system because they offer a preschool story time, there is a huge selection of DVD's and any book imaginable. We go to the library once a week and bring home tons of books. The bag we were using just couldn't handle the load! Bookbag-4I stumbled upon this great tote at the craft store. Heavy duty handles with metal eyelets, durable canvas sides and a board bottom to keep it open and sturdy. It was looking a little plain, so I decorated it with vinyl letters and shapes cut out using my Cricut Cutter.

I use the Cricut machine and the computer program Sure Cuts A Lot. I used a basic font called Cooper Black. In the Sure Cuts A Lot program they have a heart shape, so that was easy. The only image I had to make was the pair of glasses. I created a vector line drawing in Illustrator then saved it as a .svg file. Then imported it into the cutting program.


I used T-Shirt Transfer Vinyl in black and red to cut out the shapes. The letters and shapes needed to be cut backwards, because this vinyl is cut from the back. I weeded the vinyl, then laid out the words and images one side at a time. I press them using my regular iron on the number 4 setting which is cotton/poly. I peeled back the plastic and there it was.


The tag is the black board vinyl on a chip board tag. I made it double sided so I can write the due date of the books on one side and the amount of books we checked out on the other. This is my way to organize the books so I don't forget any – late fees suck.


Everyone needs one of these for the library trips!!! I get all my vinyl at Expressions Vinyl, an awesome store to check out for all type of vinyl material.

Fill in the Blank Friday

These awesome blanks are from Lauren at the little things we do


1.  The love of my life is Michael (and the kid too)

2.   Falling in love is  like magic. The first time I saw him I knew.

3.  Marriage is an adventure that you share with your best friend.

4. The longest relationship I've ever had is 15 1/2 years and counting. I can't believe I knew he was the one at such a young age.

5. The key to a good relationship is indulging in each other's craziness. He became a Medieval Sword Fighter and Pumpkin Farmer and I became a hoarder of Fiber animals (read: sheep and goats) and Photo Junkie. When we met we were both in Hot Rods and Drag Racing.

6. I feel loved when he holds my hand.

7.  My favorite quote about love is "…it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home… only to no home I'd ever known… I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic."


Insta-Friday Life from the iPhone

Here is are the random shots from this week.

We were sick, so sick, I didn't even know what day it was for most of the week.

So let's start here. This is what I was able to make the kid to eat. I was able to cut an orange and dish out some strawberries. Hey, at least it was healthy. Right?


Then, my daughter and I made up the first Sensory Box. We dyed rice with Kool-Aide, then I took heart shaped boxes and filled them with sparkle pom poms, pinks beads, and red erasers. Also in the box was multi-sized heart cookie cutters, pink pipe cleaners, straws and a silicon heart shape muffin tin.


She really went to town playing on her blanket. The first day she spent an hour just exploring the box. Day 2 an hour moving rice around and creative play. Day 3 organizing the pieces. So this seems to be a hit and looks like we will be making a new one for March.

As you can see a couple days of antibiotics really perked this one up. She is styling in her pink cowboy boots. Rocking an awesome pink hat and braids. God I love this Kid!!!


Then off to work was a big pink hand bag. She is her Auntie's Niece.


What a week. I'm soooo glad it's Friday.

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Maple Syrup – Tree Tapping

We have tapped our Maple Trees for 3 years now. The whole process is not as hard as you think. We got our taps new, but the buckets used from a company on the internet. We don't produce the syrup for sale so we don't have to have anything inspected – which you do if you want to sell the end product. There is an inspector that comes out and looks at the taps, lines and busckets. Way too much work so we just did for ourselves.

Each year we get a little better at the boiling the sap down. The first year we used a large boiling kettle and what felt like a decade of time trying to boil the sap down. Last year we bought a stainless steel boiler with a drip pan. It worked out great and didn't take as much time.

Here are a couple of pictures of husband setting the buckets. We only tap 12 trees, but that makes enough syrup for our family for the year. Mapletapping-3


InstaFriday Pictures of a week

Here is a wrap up of our week in grainy iPhone picts. No DSLR photos this time.  Frist off is a sweater the was headed for the Sal Val. It had been loved hard and just was a little snug on the post baby boobs, I finally decided that it was time to go, but then I saw a great idea of making leg warmers out of the sleaves. with little to no sewing. That is my kind of project. So here is the before pict of the sweater


And here is the after! Totally awesome, totally warm. The rest of the sweater will become a pillow but that requires sewing which just wasn't happening this week.

On Sat. we went to the Regionals for the Irish Step Dance that Evelyn takes. She just started so we just went as spectators. She loved it, so I see a preformance in her future. Here she is in her crazy pink coat in the car waiting at….

Harbor Freight. The Man's Store of Junk. I indulged him in this so I could talk him into taking us to a couple of thrift stores later.
Here are my awesome find at the thrift store. A pair of vintage Justin cowboy boots. They are a great height for my leg and they don't have a pointed toe. AND They are red – bright frickin red. How awesome.

We also picked up a vintage letterman jacket from the 50's, some vintage cardigans, a Boston Red Sox tee, a handful of other awesomely vintage threads and a board game about witches.


Homemade wheat bread. Awesome. We ate a whole loaf for dinner.

I saw a tutorial for this several places over the web and thought I would give it a try. I made a gallon of soap out of a bar of soap and water. Super awesome. We have been using the soap for everything. And if it's mixed in a 50/50 solution of soap to water, it works great in the foaming soap pump which makes the kid happy.
That's it for the week since the kid and I have been pretty sickly.

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