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Crafts Are My Life

It seems that all I do is craft and I love it!! I have been working hard on some projects and haven't posted anything lately. Blog Slacker I guess.

We have been working hard on our garden. This year we are focusing on Square Foot gardening. I am very excited about it and will start posting about that later this week.

Also, as you know I am the Kid's Craft Contributor over at Think Crafts. Today, my Seed Bombs post went live and it's going to be in the newsletter for them as well – SWEET! Seedbombs-6

My daughter is bombing the world with her creations. I hope Auntie Cindy sees this too and bombs CT with prettiness.

We have a lot going on with the farm, over a million, well it seems like a million, garlic plants are sprouting so look out Vampires we are stocked up! The PA herb festival was last weekend and we picked up some fun plants and a fig tree. I just have to get outside and start cleaning up the herb garden, so I can take pictures. Again, a lot of herbals coming soon too!!

On another note, just when we thought the dance season was slowing down, I guess festival season is picking up. The summer schedule of Irish festivals hit yesterday and it looks like a fun filled summer.

Husband starts his Short Sword Class tonight. I'm not 100% sure what that intales. I guess it's similar to
Fencing but cooler.

There are high hopes of finishing the '56 Dodge for the Rockabilly Show next weekend. So, I hope to have picts of that also to share.

Here is one of the other craft post that I have done just to keep you updated
Wool Felt Eggs

Felt eggs-7

I’m a Guest Blogger

Hi Everyone, So excited to share that I am part of the design team at Expressions Vinyl and yesterday was my first craft post. I will be blogging over there the 1st Wednesday of every month. This month is how to reverse print using sticky vinyl. It's a fun project. Stay tuned for my vinyl creations to come.

Here is the link to Reverse Printing.


Twain Writes After Death

Caching up on Book reviews.  Let's start with Dead Reckoning.  As you know I love the Sookie Stackhouse books. This one was another quick fun filled read. I enjoy these books because they are full of super natural creatures whose worlds seem to collide in a little town in the South. The series is coming to an end and I'm excited to see what happens next.  Although you just can't jump in with this book, I do recommend starting at the beginning and fall in love with Sookie and her telepathic ways. Plus who doesn't love a good Vampire story. Right?!

The next book, this is what you get when you try free books on the kindle. I didn't know what to expect with this one but I have to say that I didn't love it. I liked the idea and the fact that this was first published in 1917 and there was severe controversy and a law suit over it. Intriguing. Jap Herron, A Novel Written from the Ouija Board, was written by Emily Grant Hutchings channeling Mark Twain through a Spirit Board. I enjoyed the first part of the book were they describe the actual channeling of the story and the transcribing of the text. The story, supposedly Twain's was Twain-ish but not as captivating as his real work. So, in the end I don't know if a man who was dead for 7 years spoke through a spirit board to this woman or not but if there wasn't a law suit I'm sure a lot of Twain fans would have read the story and this woman would have sold a lot of books. But that was not the case. If you like Twain, check it out and see what you think, Fact or Crap?

So, tracking my goal of 33 books this is book 9 & 10. I have a couple more books that I am reading now. I can't wait to share them too.

My Irish Dancer

This is my tiny Irish Dancer after the big show. They danced at the Forum in Harrisburg, PA. It was a lovely venue and the show was fantastic. I could take any pictures of the show, but here she is afterwards getting her first flowers!

I love this kid, she was brave to walk out on a stage that big and dance before 1,000 people. AND I was there! There is finally a picture of me.



My daughter is holding the Willow Tree Irish Dancer that she got from her Great- Grandparents.


Here she is with Grammie!!!


This kid rocked this wig for 11 hours. She had the socks glued to her legs. I love this kid and her endurance at 3 years old. OH the crazy things we do to kids.


Taking part in Wordful Wednesday at:

Recycle Used Items

I had been searching for a dance bag for the little girl. I wanted one in green and I found them online, but then I had to pay shipping, plus new bag price. So, one day I was cruising the local thrift store and came across a large selection of bags. I started to look through the racks and I came across a brand new black duffle bag. It was new with the tag, but it was missing one of the zipper pulls. That is an easy fix. It was half price day so I picked it up for $2! It has a side pocket, an end pocket and a large center zipped section. Over the should strap and handles. This was so prefect.

I used my Cricut cutter to cut out the Irish design on pressable vinyl. I also found a great Celtic Knot free font. The design looked awesome. I showed the other dance moms and they wanted to know where I got it. They were surprised when I told them that I made it and it only cost about $4 plus time.

So, for Earth Day, try and be open to what can be found at second hand stores. You never know what you can find.



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