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Bay Rum Aftershave just for Dad


This is my homemade aftershave recipe. It smells amazing and must work very well because Husband has requested it for a second time.

Homemade Bay Rum Aftershave


  • 1 Cup Witch Hazel
  • 1/4 Cup Spiced Rum
  • 4 – 8 Dried Bay Leaves
  • 1 tbsp. glycerin (optional)
  • 1/4 Teaspoon whole Peppercorns
  • 1 Teaspoon whole cloves
  • 1 Stick of Cinnamon, broken in pieces
  • Small Orange Peel
  • 10 drops Vetiver Essential Oil

Place all the ingredients in a mason jar and cover with a screw on cap. Give the jar a good shake and place the jar in a cool, dark place for 2 -3 weeks. Every day or so give the jar a shake. Strain the mix through cheese cloth or coffee filters into a bottle. Splash it on after a good shave.

This is the second time I have made this for my husband and he likes this better than store bought Aftershaves. This is a great gift for Father's Day! Get it started today so it's ready for gift giving.

Thursday Favorite Things

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Mozzicato Love

Mozzicato's is an Italian Bakery in Hartford, CT. It's in the part of town where my Father-In-Law grew up and when we visit, we always try and make a stop. This trip not only did we get boxes of cookies at the bakery, we stopped in the cafe for a cappuccino. I look at these pictures and drool.



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Bird Nest Beautification

During the late winter/early spring months we made these cages filled with yarn and wool bits to help the birds make their nests. It's like yarn bombing for birds. Traditional yarnbombing is graffiti using knitting or crochet pieces stitched around trees, benches or any other structure that stands still. This is a way to entice the birds to help beautify the world one nest at a time!

I wrote this little craft post for the crafting blog I write for, I'm sharing it now along with an interesting update on the nest making. Here we go:

I live on a small fiber farm and last year after shearing the sheep and goats, we tossed the dirty bits and short cuttings of wool on to the compost pile. The birds frequented the pile, I thought they were after seeds and worms in the pile, but later on in the summer I started to see nests made of mohair and wool.  The nests were beautiful and hopefully warm for the birds.

This year I thought I would offer some pretty bits for the birds to enjoy and create a little bird area for my daughter to watch. Then in the summer maybe our trees will be filled with rainbow colored nests.  



Suet Bird Feed Holder


First cut lengths of yarn, I made them 2" to 3" long. All of my yarn was cotton or wool. I used different types of yarn with different thicknesses. Next, pull apart the woolin to little tuffs. I opened the suet holder and started to layer in the yarn and wool. I really packet it in. Then I closed the feeder and pulled some of the yarn out through the holes. I took it outside and hung it in a tree right outside our big picture window. 


We are just helping the birds yarn bomb nature!


So there is the simple how to on the making of this craft and here is the update. The birds loved it. As you can see above the filled holder, here is the holder now:


They loved the wool bits the most, all that is left is some strings of yarn.

This has been a point of interest for many birds, I saw blue jays, orioles, robins plus a host of other birds gathering bits from this. I know which direction they went, I just haven't found their nests yet. BUT I do have a tiny little nest on our front porch inside on of our flower pots.

It is hard to get a good look at without disturbing it too much, but from what I can see I found that they did use a bit of the fiber on the exterior of the nest and it looks like the eggs have been laid on top of a thin layer of fiber. 




Bombs Away

A month or so ago we made these Seed Bombs for a craft blog that I write for. I wanted to share the recipe here with all of you, plus an update on how they are working.The idea has been out there for decades, for gardening when one doesn't have the time to do the prep work of the soil and of course beautifying the areas of vacancy. These Guerrilla Gardeners have been bombing for years, but all of a sudden the idea is mainstream with Seed Bomb vending machines – which we saw up in a store in New England.

We are going to make ours using clay, potting soil/compost, water and native wild flower seeds. The bee population is in serious danger and without bees, fruits will not be pollinated and we will not have honey – a huge source of healing and sweetness in our home. It is important for us to share this with our daughter and try to help the bees in our area by planting lots of flowers.  But feel free to use veggie seeds, like lettuce and spinach if you want to try a garden without much work.



Air Dry Clay

Potting Soil or Compost – the key is to have clean dirt – so you don't contaminate any area that you bomb.            (You can purify dirt from your yard by baking it in the oven.)

The recipe is by parts so you can make more or less depending on your ambition.

                3 parts air dry clay
                2 parts potting soil          
                1 part seeds


Start by scooping the air dry clay out and placing it into a mixing bowl, next add the potting soil. Since we are using clay that already has moisture to it, start mixing the two together with your hands. Add water a little bit at a time, really no more than a tablespoon at a time. Too much water will make a runny mess so less is more. If you add too much water try to fix the consistency by adding equal parts of clay and soil. In the end it should be mushy enough to push through your fingers, but hold a ball shape when rolled in your hands.


Once you've gotten the mix to this consistency, open the seeds and pour them in. Mix the seeds in really well. Next start making your bombs by rolling little balls in your hands, about the size of marbles. Lay the balls out on a rack to dry. Let them dry completely. I recommend a cloth bag to store them in, that way if there is any moisture left the Bombs will be able to continue to dry out and they will not mold.


Now, what do you do with them? Go out into the world, find a vacant lot and bombs away! These are also great for people who don't really have the time to garden. The potting soil gives the seeds a good base to root to and the clay will hold in moisture. The rain does most of the work. We are going to use them on our property where it is too hard to dig and tend to the garden like a steep sloping  hillside.

Here is a note on seed choice: Choose wisely. Look for native seeds to your area. One of the packs of wildflowers we found are annuals for our area. These are the Seed Bombs that we are going to give as gifts to our friends. These plants are not invasive and will not come back, they will be there for one season and not cause problems for the future. For ourselves we are using a mix of annual and perennial  wildflowers because we know we want the hillside to be covered year after year.

Here are the seed bombs in action. I am pleased so far with the results, so now that you see that they work go make some!!!


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Jalopy Showdown 2012

It was a great day of hot rods, car parts and vintage clothes. Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

One of my favorite hood ornaments of the day.


I just love this car.


The kid's pick of awesomeness.


Our friend's car.


Another super cool hood ornament.


Yes please, I want this car.


A car getting pinstriped. Totally cool.


The kid loved this grill, it is really neat.


My and the kid – She is sporting total vintage down to the shoes! My dress is vintage, but the shoes are not. They are Hot Topics.


Lovin' Husband's hat, for a man that didn't own one a couple years ago, he is growing quite the collection.


That's my sis in her vintage Lily Pulitzer! Check her out at B is for Becky - She's AWESOME!

Taking part in Wordful Wednesday – Better late than never.


What We Wore

I have never done a complete "What We Wore" kind of post. So here is a least one day when we got dressed up to go to an event.


Head to Toe – Old Navy

Dress and Jelly Shoes.


He is in -

Shirt – Old Navy

Pants – Vintage

Shoes – Dr. Martens 

Hat – New made – flea market find



Dress – Old Navy

Shoes – Chinese Laundry

Necklace – Vintage

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Short People Tall Pants – DIY Home Hem

Why do they make pants for 6 foot tall Amazon women when I am hardly 5 feet tall!! I have tried petite pants and honestly I'm not petite.I am just short. So I try and buy pants in "short" but they are hard to come by. I have found that Levis short works well for me but they just didn't have the skinny leg jeans that I wanted. Just my life, I can never find what I want and when I do it just doesn't fit.

So, I found a pair of skinny leg jeans, that I really love, the only thing is that they are 4 inches too long. And a big cuff on skinny jeans just didn't look right. I wanted a pair of jeans that I could wear with boots and sandals.

The next step is to hem these things, right, home hems look so awesome, don't they?!?. Well, I found a way to use the existing double rolled hem.  It's out there somewhere on the web but I couldn't find my original inspiration, if I do I will share it.

First, measure the length and decide how short you want them
to be. Pin them, remembering that we will using the existing hem.


Stitch in a jean color or dark color thread
along the existing hem.


Then with all the bravery you have cut off the extra
material leaving a small seam allowance. Homehem-3

Next, iron the existing hem flat. The
stitch line that we just made will be hidden just above the stitching of the original.


I can't say that mine is the most fabulous of tailoring
jobs, but the end result is nice and is fine for me.  It saved me cash because I didn't have to pay
to have it done, added bonus.  

I bought these pants in February and just altered them
today. Can you say procrastination? At least they are done and sandal ready!!!

Plus, let's give a big shout out to the photographer – 3
year old – Evelyn. Nice job kiddo.





May Day Fairy Festival

We spent Saturday at the Sproutwood Farm May Day Fairy Festival in Glen Rock, PA. I was a blast. There were tons of music groups, vendors and shows. Husband and I had no plans of dressing up but the kid insisted, so I think we came up with ok outfits from finds in our closets. I guess it helps if you have 2 or 3 sets of wings to pick from too.

This first pict is at home by the fairy garden


Here is the little one's hair in a braid – which I'm glad I did instead of ponies, because I did ponies and got a wonderful sunburn down the center of my head.


Here we are in front of the Fairy Habitat Walk. She loved it!! She loved following the paths and looking at all the ideas for fairy houses.


She is holding a "looksy" given to her by the pocket fairy. If you look through it and say a little saying the fairies will become visible. We are sitting at the Fairy Tea Party.




The program had a map of the fair in it and she had to keep checking the map to make sure we saw everything.


Here we are entering the fairy maze, where you had to find all 5 fairies to get your fortune told.


Fairy Dance Party!


Finally Dad had enough and passed out.


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Fill In the Blank Friday


Taking part in Fill In the Blank Friday over at "the Little Things We Do"

Somedays I just need to rant and this fill in the blank fit the bill. Thanks Little Things!!!


1. My bedtime routine includes, watching TV with Husband and the kiddo, eating dessert and falling asleep.

2. I am obsessed with getting a new tattoo. Something traditional, something me, I think I've just decided to go with something I've always wanted instead of all the new ideas I've come up with. That's why I love Husband – he keeps it real.

3. I can't stand laws that take away from my child's experience because they are not going to make the world a better place – they are only going to prevent children from learning about agriculture.

 (It's a new law about Child Labor on farms, but the way the bill is written it will take away the child's ability to handle livestock. This will result in changes to the 4H program as well as FFA – Future Farmers of America. We have a fiber farm with sheep and goats, it could bring problems on us with the little one handling the animals. If we don't teach children to care for animals, who will provide food, milk, and textiles when we are older? )

4. My idea of relaxation would be a great cup of coffee in a nice warm place with a good book and no background noise except for the birds.


5. If I had an extra $50, I would buy paint for my bedroom. It really needs done but I keep putting it off for other things.

6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is they are just trying to get through the day like me and they keep it real!

7. A recipe I've been dying to try is Tomato Bon Bons from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Little tomatoes, stuffed with Asiago cheese, wrapped in sauage, breaded and fried.


The Child Herbalist

I am in love with the new program by called Herb Fairies. This is a fantastic learning series that teaches children of all ages the healing powers of herbs. There are going to be 13 chapter books that I can read to the litte one on the Kindle Fire. The first book is about Stellaria the Chickweed Fairy. We love the story! It is full of information and fun. Chickweed

The bonus features that come with each book are so great. There are recipes, healing remedies, botanical workpages and coloring pages. There is so much offered with each story, the child will learn so much about the herb in the story.

We found a large Chickweed patch right in our backyard. I never noticed it before until I started working with this material. We gathered enough Chickweed for a pesto recipe that is in the packet as well as enough to make a Chickweed infused oil that will be made into a healing balm.


Last night we made the pesto and served it over pasta. It was great!


These books are being offered until Sunday, then they will not be offered again until sometime in 2013. Check them out! 

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