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The Fairy Garden

Welcome to our Fairy Garden. We have been hard at work on this for a while now. Most everything has been salvaged or bought second hand. The tree that is our center is a beautiful Maple, it has the most amazing root structure that our houses sit within and a huge mushroom growing out of it. Fairygarden16

The container garden is an old galvanized tub that we had around. We filled it with dirt from the farm and plants that were growing around the house and farm. The one plant was actually in the way at my grandparents house, so we took it and gave it a new home. The mossy logs and stumps are from the woods beside our house.Fairygarden15

We have been quite lucky, we got the fairy doors at the thrift store along with a couple of the fairy houses/bird houses.


The doll house furniture we picked up at a yard sale as well as the bird bath. The mushrooms were in the discount bin at the craft store and as a family project we painted them. We made the fairy's party food out of Sculpey, which we are very proud of for a first attempt. Fairygarden10 My Daughter was given 2 houses and a family of fairies for her birthday.    

She loves playing with her fairies and they leave her presents, like feathers – let's not tell her that the chickens were in the front yard checking out the fairy garden and that's where the feather came














We are entering our fairy garden in the Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest 2012!! Check out this awesome blog and contest to see more beautiful gardens!!

  FG Contest 2012


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Old Bag New Bag

I bought a Lucky Brand cross-body bag about a year ago. I bought it solely based on the fact it was purple. It has the perfect iPhone pocket, place for lip gloss. I heart this bag big time!! Then with abuse it began to fade. I was falling out of love with it, I stopped using it, it got tossed into the corner of the closet like an old worn out shoe.

Check the picture – the whole bag looked as bad as the handle, it was sad business.

On day Husband called from Tandy Leather Store. ( If you have never heard of Tandy, check them out.) He asks, "Do you think your bag was more of a Grape or a Deep Violet?" I don't know… go Grape.

With one swipe of this new Grape leather dye my love was restored!! My bag and I are back together again!

So, think hard before you toss a used handbag. A little leather dye and it can be restored to it's former glory!! Now, think about all those bags at the Thrift Stores – the possibilities are endless!!!


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Pinkalicious gets donated to the Library


For my daughter's 4th birthday we decided to donate her favorite book to the local library, since they didn't have a copy of it. She adores Pinkalicious. We've read this book so many times I can't even begin to count. There is a whole series of these books and we have them all. Plus clothing, board games and coloring books. Our world is Pinkalicious.


Yesterday we had a Pinkalicious Party at Storytime. We made pink cupcakes with pink frosting in pink wrappers placed in pink boxes.



 We handed out cupcake goodie bags and coloring pages.

If you have read the book, we even handed out bags of green food – just incase.

It was a great day, the kids enjoyed the book and library appericated our gift.

She gets so much and has too much stuff any ways, this was a nice way of giving something back to the community instead of having another toy in the house to create more clutter (which we have a lot of).

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Coffee Facial


My goodness how I heart coffee!!!

I ran out of facial scrub the other day and grabbed a handful of sugar and used that, but my skin ended up feeling sticky all day even after a vigorous rinse. So, the next day I researched a little and found that coffee grounds could be used as an exfoliant. I mixed up 1 1/2 Tablespoons to 1 Tablespoon of Olive oil. I gently rubbed it over my face and it worked great. I feel it even reduced my pores, which
seem to be getting bigger and more noticeable. Plus it smells good.

If you drink coffee to wake up, your body uses the smell as a trigger so just the smell of the grounds in your morning shower will help the wake up process.

Coffee has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and the caffeine is to help with redness and it tightens the skin. The olive oil acts as the moisturizer.

So, instead of trashing those grounds – reuse them. Well if you don't scrub your body with them at least compost them.

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Happiness Is….this Kid


I love this kid. She is hilarious! We had a great time on our mini vacation (more picts to come) and her birthday. She makes my heart happy.


Her new thing is to take your kisses and smush them inside to save them in her heart. How awesome is that?!?

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Check this Macaroni Necklace Out

I have been busy crafting away and my Macaroni Bow Tie has been featured over at Think Crafts Blog. It's a totally awesome twist on the traditional camp craft classic. Stop over and check it out!


Plus over at Expressions Vinyl my patch project was featured. It is my most favorite blanket in the world and the new dog ate a great big hole in it. With a little thought and hardly no work it was fixed up and snuggly again. Check out the idea over there.