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Great Color Choices make Great Pictures!

My Sister and her husband celebrated their 5 year anniversary last Saturday and I was asked to take their pictures at the location where they were married. I am in love with this first shot!!! I love the outfit choices, these first shots have outfits in shades of blue. It makes them look like a couple without being matchy, matchy.

The second outfit choice is a lovely display of cemplementary colors. Complementary colors are two colors on opposites sides of the color wheel. The complementary color of a primary color, like blue, is made mixing equal parts of the other 2 primary colors, in this case would be red & yellow to make orange. When complemetary colors are placed beside each other they make each other seem brighter or more brilliant. Which is a great choice for couples photos, they are different colors but when placed together look great. This is also an idea for children/family photos when each child wants to stand out but the mother wants the family to look like a whole.






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About Jack

As the kid says," He's so darn cute, I can't hardly stand it!" Jack, oh Jack. He has been with us now for 8 months and he is something. We got him from a shelter and either something happened there or the story we got on him is wrong.

He is to be a Pointer Mix, which could be – it seems he has Pointer parts and Terrier parts. We was to be born in the "wild" and found by the shelter only a week after birth – he should not have people fear like he does. He loves us, but any visitors to the house, he has accidents in the house out of fear. It is something that we have been working on, it's a rough road.

But other than that he is learning tricks – the kid is teaching him circus tricks, jumping through hoops and whatnot.

Husband took the 3 pups, the 4 dolls and the kid on a hike yesterday. It was successful as in they all came back. One dog fell in a hole, the dolls where crammed into a bookbag that poor Husband had to carry while having Jack on a leash – which is not Jack's strong suit along with AJ – he's another story for another day. But they said they had fun.

I love my pups and for the most part Pointers and German Shorthair Pointers don't get a lot of press, so I'm going to start sharing more pictures and stories about them.

Also, a note on shelter dogs – they come as is and sometimes that's tough. Jack is our 3rd rescue dog. It's hard when you don't have the whole story of their life. You just want to help them and love them, but you don't know what they have been through. Our last rescue dog Duke had a fear of paper products. Paper towels on the roll or off, napkins, tissues, paper plates, toilet paper. He would growl and snarl when you would be cleaning using a paper towel, if he saw a box of tissues he would grummble as he ran away. What was that about? We never knew.

So here is Jack – Cute and Evil rolled into one pint sized Pointer Mix


Vintage Finds this Weekend

We hit the local flea market on Sunday and we scored big. Well the kid scored big. First off she got a doll sized tin kitchen set, fridge, stove, and sink. Then a vintage chalk board for her room the other one is going to the office for her "preschool". The Mr. Peanut snuggle friend was a great hit for only $1, so guy almost stole it from her while she was walking around the flea market. I couldn't believe it! Last but not least we found her a super cute little travel case. It was a great day!!!

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Anniversary Trip to Philly

We went to Philly for our 10th Anniversary. Here are just a couple of picts from some of the highlights of our trip. We went to the Mutter (it's pronounced ooo) Museum of Medical Oddities. I love sideshow freak stuff and this was a must hit while we were there. The thing that made my skin crawl the most was the human leather bound books. Yuck right? Now Husband wants to start collecting books…


William Penn atop a building, who doesn't want that picture?


The LOVE park. The poor artist never got this copyrighted so this symbol has been placed everywhere without any royalties to the artist. On Saturday, it was the location of at least one wedding in town. I think we saw about 4 or 5 different wedding parties.


I love this Heart Tag. This one was at the Love Park but I saw several more throughout the city. One on a bus stop, random walls. Pretty cool displays of guerrilla art!

Heart tag

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard rock

Us, taken by random people who we encountered again later on the trolley ride home from the Casino and went out to Finn McCool's for drinks.


Fried Pickles and local Beer at the Reading Terminal Market.

The Memphis Taproom. Saw it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for their Fried Pickles (do you see a theme here – I like pickles), but we ended up loving their Breakfast Bomb instead plus tons of different beers on Tap ( of course).  A must eat stop in Philly!!!  


Eastern State Penitentiary – awesome, just awesome.


A collection of local artists stained glass windows placed throughout the one end wing of the Pen as an exhibit.


We hit tons of places some of the favorites were No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo, The Resource Exchange for reclaimed art supplies, Retrospect – vintage clothing, Philly AIDS Thrift Store, Jim's Philly Cheese Steaks on South Street. Plus during the walk of Chinatown we found a great big Hello Kitty Store.

More posts to come on awesomeness from this trip, but that's it for now.


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