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Queen for a Day

Over the weekend we visited the PA Renaissance Faire. My daughter was personally invited to meet the Queen. She was wearing her Elizabethian Dress that we scored at a Yard Sale for $6!!! It was a great day and we plan on returning to the Faire again later in the season.  







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Leather Crown for a Princess


This is an elegant crown fit for any King or Queen or Princess.

We have made all kinds of crowns such as paper ones that tear and the wearer is heartbroken, then the fix is to tape it or staple it and it's never quite the same.  Felted crowns are beautiful but as with all things felt – in a house with shorthaired dogs felt is a magnet.  I have spent many an hour with tweezers trying to pick the fur out of the felt toys.  

I was at the fabric store one day and saw the leather remnants and knew that leather crowns were going to change our world of dress up!

This crown is adjustable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They have been a hit as gifts too!!

Supply List:

Ridged Leather remnant – 19" x 6"




Crown Pattern


Eyelet Setter

First, print and cut out the 
Crown Patterns, trace it on the backside of the leather, make sure to mark the eyelet holes.  The patterns provided are set up to trace one side, then flip it on the center edge to make a mirror image to trace the rest of the crown.


 I use basic scissors to cut the leather, nothing fancy.


Once the crown is cut out punch the holes for the eyelets.  I have a punch that uses a hammer but there are hand held punches that work like a paper punch.  If you don't have either of those a nail and hammer will work. 


Push the eyelets through the hole from the front (good side), set the eyelet, by setting the eyelet setter on the back of the eyelet and hammer.  A couple of whacks is all it takes, be careful not to hit it too hard or the face of the eyelet will misshapen.



Next, lace up the eyelets like a shoe using a leather cord and tie a bow.  Place it on your head and take over a kingdom!


We like the simplicity of the leather, but these crowns can
be decorated with gem stickers or glitter glue.


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Nuno Felting at the Farm

On Saturday, I hosted the South Cumberland Fiber Guild meeting at the Bus Shed. We have a huge wash bay that can get wet floor to ceiling it seemed like the best place to get wet and try out Nuno felting. 


We started with Silk Chiffon scarves as the base. Lay the scarf on a length of bubble wrap, then start layering on the wool. We used bits of 100% wool, mohair locks, recycled suri silk and angelina sparkle fibers. Each artist created an interesting scarf as individual as each person. I love looking at all the color and designs.


Once the wool is laid out, the scarf is covered in soapy water. Then the bubble wrap is rolled up and rubber banded. The next step is to roll the tube of bubble wrap back and forth. My little one took to stomping on the roll to help the felting process along.


After a while we checked on the scarf, as long as the wool has secured it's self to the silk scarf the bubble wrap part is done. This is the fun part – the smacking, tossing and whipping of the scarf to continue the shocking of the fibers. This continues the felting part of the wool and has the wool felts the silk shrinks and creates texture to the scarf.


I can not say this is the approriate way to do this technique but it worked and everyone was happy with their results. My little one's is the rainbow one on the far right.



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5 Mins for Mom

Things that Freak Me Out

I love my country house but these guys freak me out. I'm just glad they have been outside.

I guess they are are some little guys that have moved into the house, because last night while I was in bed I looked at the ceiling and the entire corner of my room was decorated with huge webs – webs that would make Mortica Adams proud. Well, at least it's the season right – no muss, no fuss holiday décor.


Chalk Board Comp Books

I am such a geek, I heart comp notebooks so much. The permanent pages, the "cloth like" binding and
hard covers just make me smile when I see stacks of them in the stores this time of year.


I came up with a way to enjoy the awesomeness of the composition notebook without the down fall of the doodles that will eventually take over the front.

This project lets you wipe the
slate clean whenever life changes. If you have a student or have ever been a
student you know all too well the – "He loves me, he loves me not,"
doodles that cover the fronts of notebooks.

The supplies are few:


Composition Notebook

Chalk Board Vinyl – check out expressions vinyl, their link is in my side bar!

Glitter Vinyl


Chalk or Wet Erase Chalk Pen

Just  measure the front cover of the composition book and stick a piece of chalk board vinyl to fit.


Then cover the spine with a  strip of glitter vinyl. This make the book easy to spot from across the room or on a bookshelf.


These are easy to make and would be a great gift for the holidays, pair it with a wet erase chalk pen and you will be the coolest craftster out there.


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Epic Pinterest Failure

I just had my first big Pinterest failure. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize all the awesome finds on the web in one place. You can create different pin boards for different subjects. For instance Food is my pin board. When I find something I want to try and make I “pin” a picture from the blog or website with the recipe, so I can go back and find it later. While on pinterest you can see “pins” that others have placed on their boards and you then can add them to your pin board too.

Usually I check out the site that the picture is connected to, but today for some reason I just re-pinned a picture and took the pinner’s advice under the picture without further investigation. I jumped right into making these cookies for tonight’s dinner.

They were to be Nutella Cookies, I didn’t have any Nutella and lately hazelnuts have not been my friend, so I opted to use the Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Peanut Butter  I had instead. Chocolate Nut Butter, does it matter if it is peanut or hazelnut? I don’t know.

The pinner said in bold letters – DO NOT USE SUGAR. I’m am assuming that they tried this recipe and it worked well with out the sugar. So I didn’t use the sugar.

I mixed the cup of nut butter, the cup of flour and egg together. It mixed fine, but I felt it was missing something, but I pressed on.

I rolled the balls, smooshed down and baked. 


So, in the end what happened? They taste like crap. They have no sweetness what so ever and the are crumbly, which could be the lack of sugar as well. I didn’t think the Nutella was that much sweeter than the Chocolate Peanut Butter I used.

In the End, always check back to the orginal source, because not every comment from a pinner is right and in the case, the recipe was on a recipe website. SO, add the sugar the first time out, then try it different the next.

Plus they are chocolate – so I can’t ever feed them to the dogs!!!

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The latest in my photography work has been weddings and anniversaries.

Here are some the newest wedding pictures. Really these were both beautiful days – the pictures are eye candy. No explanation needed.




Jack and the Turtle

We have had a busy week here with dance, the start of school, photo editing, I really didn't need Jack getting a new pet.

We have a rule in the house that Pets can not have Pets after a small incident where Aj started to take care of a mouse in the house, you know – feeding it and giving it water, snuggling at night. Because that led to Pets of Pets having Pets, because I felt every mouse in town heard about it and was trying to live at our house, we just had to put a stop to it.

So, one day this week I come into the den and there was this very alive turtle on the floor. I know the turtle did not come through the dog door like other creatures in the past, he had to be brought in. Brownie had nothing to do with it and Aj was shocked at this creature then started to bat it around like some kind of toy. So the culprit must be Jack.


I got the poor turtle outside – I was not picking this thing up, so I pushed it with a broom until I could get it with a bucket outside. While it was on the back porch Jack came over to claim his new toy, when the turtle tried to make a run for it. The turtle's head popped out and legs and Jack had a heart attack. His toy was ALIVE!!!!


I guess what happened, after further investigation of this poor thing was that it's shell was being used as a chew toy. Jack didn't know it was a living creature, he thought it was one of his new toys.

Needless to say, we couldn't keep this wild turtle so we scooped up in a bucket and moved it to a safer, non-dog location. The turtle took a few minutes to get it's bearings then it was off, It looked fine and moved with turtle like grace.


I am amazed at how fast they move since they are to be so slow. Good Luck to you dear turtle, may the rest of your days be less eventful than the day your were a chew toy.

Crafty Goodness

I have been so busy photographing beautiful people here in Central Pa, that I haven't had time to write a good post in a couple weeks!!! I am working on getting all my photos ready for everyone to see. I'm very excited about some of my latest shots. Plus, I have an adorable family to shoot on Monday!!! Busy, Busy, Busy!!

The little one has started dancing full time again in preparation for a major competition. Yesterday was a nice little Highland Festival to start fall.

I also am excited to announce that I have been asked to write more craft posts for Think Crafts Blog. I love making crafts and coming up with new ideas. Here is a list of some of my recent tutorials that I think you all should check out. Enjoy!!

The Upcycled Button


Butterfly Lunch Buddy


Recycled Pinwheel


Ribbon Windsock


Faux Silver Keepsake