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Furry Fridays – Katherine of Corgis & Cocktails

Brought to you by Steph and Becky
Meet Katherine of Corgis & Cocktails!
me and my corgi

My corgi mix Teemo and I were meant to be together. I called a local humane society  to try and adopt him on Valentine's Day, but he was in the process of being adopted. When I called back a bit later, what I believed to be my dream pup was adopted and gone. But no! The next day I noticed him still up on Petfinder, despite other dogs being taken down over the night, and called again. He had been returned! We rushed to the humane society with our other pup and fell in complete love. Most of us anyway. I'm still not sure Raynor, our basset mix, is always so enthralled by sharing the attention.

teemo & me

Teemo may love me a bit too much. He follows me everywhere and stays within a certain radius of me at the dog park. Only thing he loves more is food. He really, really loves food. He may have gained 5 pounds over the past year as the two of us living alone for a year means he shares a lot of my meals. Oops! His best feature – by the way – is his oh-so-charming overbite. He's not 100% corgi – he's a mutt – so he's a little different. We joke that he is a corgi, fox, ferret, and terrier mix. He also has a lot of bow ties, ties, and jackets to dress up in. He's a fairly ridiculous dog.

Rocks a Lot of Polka Dots

I have another pup too. She's our baby princess and our first dog. Raynor is just now turning 4 years old and definitely a girl after my own heart. Raynor and I are both playful, hyperactive freaks who hate when you wake us up from sleep. She's the strongest dog I have ever met and knocked down a 350 pound fountain in my in-laws' yard once. She has been in Florida keeping my husband company while he went to grad school over the past year, and I am excited to have her back with me now.

You can see a lot more of these two pop up on my blog at Of Corgis & Cocktails. Thanks to Becky & Stephanie for featuring me!

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Advent Gifts Day 17 – Paint with Water Cards

I was in love with the "Paint with Water" books when I was a kid. These were books that had coloring book style images the had little faint dots of color on the black and white image. As soon as you touch water to them the page turns to water color paints. It was amazing and fun. I haven't seen many of these books for my little one so I thought I could make my own.

First I designed and made drawings of a couple of woodland creatures. Just basic line drawings. Black and white clip art would also work from this project.


Next take the images to a copy shop and make black and white copies on a laser or toner copier. An ink jet print will bleed when water is added to it.

I made 2 images on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper with the images shifted to the right. This way when the page is cut in half, they can be folded into note cards.


Once the copies have been made I used Water Color Pencils to color in the image. I tried to add a little shading so when the water is added it looks really nice.

After they are colored, cut the page in half and fold. The gift is done at this point. Pack the cards in a box or tie them with a ribbon.


I have added water to one of the cards so you can see what's in store for your little ones when they paint with water.

Adventpaint-9See how the pencil lines start to bleed together and the shading blends into one color. The little ones will have an entire box of watercolored notecards to send to friends and family.


Adventpaint-4I think it's fun to watch the pencil turn from strokes and lines to a beautiful watercolor blended painting. I think the kids will too!!! Enjoy!

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My Wardrobe and I love my new No nonsense Leggings & Tights!!!

I’m a vintage girl as you all know. I love finding that perfect vintage outfit or new dress with a retro style. Lately, it has been extremely easy to find items that fit my vintage style like round neck cardigans. I was lucky enough to come across this great summer dress in a vintage cut. I paired it with a pair of No nonsense black leggings, black flats and a long sleeve round neck cardi, it instantly turned into a beautiful fall outfit that I wore to go out to dinner on a Saturday night.

The No nonsense Black Leggings are so warm and comfortable. They have a great fit and stay put all night long.They feel like a second skin and make my legs look great. I big heart these leggings!



Somedays work outfits can be boring, so I stepped up my everyday skirt and top with a pair of No nonsense lace tights. They totally are reminiscent of the ’50’s fishnet with a new fresh flare. They made my everyday outfit pop with fun sophisication.

The No nonsense Black Lace Net Openwork Tights are totally rockin’! The solid toe is strong but small enough to wear a nice pair of flats without the solid peeking out. The lace work pattern goes all the way to the hip which my Husband thinks is a nice feature. The lace work is so sturdy, there is no worry of tearing them as you pull them up and the waist band is strong but comfortable, keeping the tights in place all day long.



I have been looking for a great pair of tights and leggings for my Fall and Winter outfits. I think that No nonsense tights and leggings fill that need in my life. They have so many colors and styles to choose from the possiblities are endless!!! I’m so excited about my cotton leggings, I secretly want to wear them all the time, even under my jeans for extra warmth, but shhhh don’t let that get out. They also have little girl tights in shades of pink – what more can you ask for?




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Find your pair of affordable No nonsense tights and leggings here. I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own.


Advent Gifts Day 16 – The Sugar Plum Nightgown by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

I was planning on making a nightgown for my daughter for the 24th Advent Gift. We always get new PJs on Christmas Eve so we have fresh jammies for Christmas morning. This year I was going to make a vintage pattern, like one of these from the 1940's and 1950's, but the problem is finding a pattern that is whole and cut in the size I need.

40s pj150s pj250s pj3

I was extremly happy to be chosen to try and review this new pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. As soon as I saw the sample I knew that this was going to be the nightgown for the year! It has a vintage feel with a modern flare.

The Sugar Plum Nightgown is a PDF file for downloading after purchase. The pattern is then printed out and you are all set to go. I was so excited I didn't have to thumb through piles of patterns at the store.

I made this nightgown out of 100% cotton, because my little girl is a sweat box, she needs a breathable fabric for nighttime.

The pattern is easy to follow with the picture tutorial. The tutorial explains the little techniques that make this pattern cute, like the elastic for the cuffs of the sleeve and the lined bodice with button plaque. I am in love with the ruffled bottom in the contrasting color.

I also love that this pattern has great use of fabric and it does not make you over buy yardage and the patterns are so true to size. I am so happy with the fit of this pattern, my daughter is small for her age but I was able to use the size chart and make a nightgown that fits without having to alter it afterwards.

It offers an 18" Doll size as well, so I hope to get one of those done before Christmas as well.

While you are buying this fantastic pattern at the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, also check out the other amazing patterns for both boys and girls. I am also in big heart LOVE with the Hailey Ruffled Up Jacket, it looks amazingly similar to a certain JCrew Crew Cuts jacket that I just cannot afford, but I could make it!!!

Pattern reveiw-3
Pattern reveiw-4
Pattern reveiw-5

Patternreview-3This review is completely on my own and my opinions. I love this pattern and the Peek-a-Boo pattern shop and think it's something to shout about.

Advent Gifts Day 15 – Drawing of the Tiny One

On our anniversary I made a drawing of the two of us.


I think it's pretty adorable and they look like us. Well, my little one was less than thrilled with it because she was not included. So, I thought for one of the advent gifts, I would make her a little drawing of her. We can hang it up beside the one of us and that should make her happy.


I picked up the frame at the thrift store for $0.50. Then painted it white and scuffed up the edges to give that old feel.



A Diamond in the StuffA Bowl Full of LemonsCrafty Confessions





Furry Fridays – Jen from Life, Love & Puppy Paws


Thanks so much Steph and Becky for featuring me and my pups!

Hi I’m Jen

from over at Life, Love and Puppy Paws.
I started my blog a few months ago to share my journey of moving in
with my boyfriend, and the combining of our 2 furball families. Over at Life, Love and Puppy Paws, you will find posts about these three cuties…

{ Bryn, Abby & Napoleon }
Click Here
to read a story of what real pet owners go through for their creatures.
A tale of a too smart for their own good Beagle and the owners who try
to out wit the pup!!!
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Outfit Details: Dress: Limited
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Advent Gifts Day 14 – No Sew Holiday Tutu for Girl & Doll

I had this idea in the works before we were blessed with many tutus from my sister, but I guess one can never have too many tutus.This will make a tutu for a preschool aged girl – my daughter is 4. Plus an 18" inch American Girl Doll tutu.


This is made from a stretchy headband that I got in a 3 pack at the dollar store and some tulle. For the doll I cut a 10.25" piece of elestic and stitched the ends together with a quarter inch seam.

I used 1 yard of red tulle, 1/2 yard of the white tulle and 1/2 yard of the green.



Cut strips of tulle. I cut 2" wide by 18" long strips and attached them to the head band with a larks head knot.

Lark head


I covered the headband in red and then added the white and green strips to make it festive.

For the doll tutu I cut the strips 2" by 6" and attached them in the same fashion.

No sewing, no glueing for the girl's size. Almost no sewing for the matching doll tutu. How cute for matching outfits for the Holidays.





Advent Gifts Day 13 – No Slip Socks with Pizzazz!

We have wood floors and a tiny dancer. No Slip Socks are a great gift and they are easy to make out of the everyday big bag of Bobby Socks. A package of 10 are inexpensive and with a touch of flare these socks are ready for the stage lights.



Along with a pair of Bobby Socks, you'll need some curly ribbons – which you can see how to make here! Thread, buttons and 3d Fabric Paint.


First I made the ribbon piles and stitched them to the sock. Make sure to place them on the socks so the bows are on the outside of the leg.


Then stuff something in the sock to make the bottom of the foot flat and so the fabric paint does not seep through onto the other side of the sock. Paint the design on the bottom to create the non-slip texture. Let the paint dry for at least 4 hours.



Advent Gifts Day 12 – Ear Warmer Headband

I love quick knits. I enjoy the yarn and the idea of knitting but once I start I just want the item done. That is why socks are the worst for me, I have a couple singles but no pairs. If only I could figure out that 2 at once thing.

Anyways, we are talking about the earwarmer headband. I love this because it knits fast and is a cute item to just pull on to go outside.


To make this you need 2 strands of sock yarn. I used a cute dark pink with a metalic thread through and the other strand was this unstable light pink wool yarn. I bought the light pink at a local yarn store because it was to be from a local farm, the only thing is that there is no twist to it. I tried knitting socks with it and the yarn kept breaking which just irritated me more in the sock venture, so it really needed to be paired with another yarn. This combo work perfect, plus the wool adds warmth. 

Using US 8 circular needles cast on 80 stitches and knit in the round K2, P2. I love this because there is no seam. It knits in the round and when it is time to bind off, work it in the rib pattern and the bind off is stretchy too.

I made this thinner because it is to fit on a 4 year old's head. But that's the beauty of the pattern, you can decide how thick you want it as you are knitting.

Sparkly and Warm – I'm sure she is going to love it! Make your's today!


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