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Furry Fridays – Barbara of Words, Words, Words…

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!

Today we are featuring Barbara and her owners! Thanks for being a part of Furry Fridays Barbara!

Charlie sleep

Pod looks up
Pepper scratch
Posky grey

a UK based photographer and cat slave –  I've been owned by cats for
about 25 years.  

Currently we have three; there's Charlie (black and
white, age about 14), who is a bit of a criminal genius and general
nutter.  He came to us when his family moved to Australia – whether this
had anything to do with living with Charlie or not is unknown at this
time.  He became an insulin-dependent diabetic in July, but thankfully
is now in remission (I had no idea that 60-70% of insulin dependent cats
go into remission from it).  When he was on insulin he took his twice
daily injections without a murmur, which is quite amazing for him!  We
take a glucose reading from him every now and then to make sure his
blood sugar levels are still ok – he doesn't like this, well would you
being jabbed in the paw with a needle?, but tolerates it in return for
tuna or a slice of ham.

we have Mrs Pod (tabby).  She's a deaf but very talkative 17 year old
who came to us originally from the RSPCA back in 1997. She's very
friendly and cuddly, has a tablet once a day for hyperthyroidism and is a
martyr to ear infections.  When she goes to the vets she scares the
living daylights out of them; once she stomped off into the corner of
the surgery and screamed at the corner of the room until we gave in and
let her go back in her cat carrier, and once the vet had to actually lie
on her to get her to calm down.

there's Pepper (naughty tortie).  She's the only cat we've had from
kitten-hood. She's feisty 13 year old, full of fun, loveable, very
clever, and is also a Buddhist, spending hours in meditation next to the
Buddha in the garden.

a quick mention for my beautiful grey boy Posky who passed away in
November.  He was the oldest member of our crew, almost 19 when he died
of CRF, and the friendliest, funniest most awesome cat ever.  He too was
from the RSPCA and we had him with us for about 17 years.  We miss him a

to say my cats are fabulous sources of inspiration for my photography,
and are all very willing models, Pepper in particular goes into Victoria
Beckham posing mode when she sees the camera.

one thing I would advise pet owners to do (apart from adopting animals
from a shelter and not a breeder) is to take out insurance – vet bills
are so high now and it's been great knowing ours could have the best
treatment that they needed without us worrying about the costs.

Barbara blogs at  Words, Words, Words… // Facebook

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Reading Goal Fail with a list Recommended Books

Well here it is. The end of the year is here and I'm 11 books behind. With less than a week to go, I highly doubt that I will make it.

Here is a list of what I read. Seperated into recommended and not so much.

I really enjoyed this whole series. A vampire story with a lot of supernatural characters.

Dead and Gone
(Sookie Stackhouse #9)
Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone review here

Dead in the Family
(Sookie Stackhouse #10) by
Charlaine Harris

Read my review of Dead in the Family here

Dead Reckoning
(Sookie Stackhouse #11) by
Charlaine Harris

a quick review here

(Sookie Stackhouse #12) by
Charlaine Harris

Coming from the same author I read these books. The first was a little odd in storyline but a quick read and it held my attention. The second series is good, but kinda hard to believe that all of this murder would happen to a small town librarian.

Grave Sight
(Harper Connelly #1) by
Charlaine Harris

Grave Surprise
(Harper Connelly #2) by
Charlaine Harris

An Ice Cold Grave
(Harper Connelly #3) by Charlaine Harris

Real Murders
(Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #1)by Charlaine Harris

A Bone to Pick
(Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #2)by Charlaine Harris


Of course I got into the Hunger Games and read every one of them  -  staying up late nights, just to finsh them. So good, so wrong. I loved them.

(The Hunger Games #3) by
Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games
(The Hunger Games #1) by
Suzanne Collins

I reviewed it here

Catching Fire
(The Hunger Games #2) by
Suzanne Collins

Catching fire review

Getting away from series I really enjoyed these books as well.

This book was great, a little slow moving at times but I love it, I love it more than the movie but the movie has some great eye candy for the ladies so it's worth the rental price!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by
Seth Grahame-Smith

I love the strange and Peculiar, so this book had me at the title. The pictures are fantastic! And there looks to be a second book coming out the Spring so yippie!!!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
(Miss Peregrine #1) by
Ransom Riggs

I love witches too, this book was cool how they worked the story line through time. I really recommend this one!

The Witch's Daughter by
Paula Brackston

Read the review here

If you like the Gilmore Girls who wouldn't want to have coffee at Luke's ?!?!

Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest by
Jennifer Crusie

These are cute books about Werewolves. I want to finish the series but I'm too lazy to go back to the library and get the third book – even though I'm half way through it.

(The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by
Maggie Stiefvater

My Shiver review here

(The Wolves of Mercy Falls #2) by
Maggie Stiefvater

 Linger review

Now on to the books that were not my favs:

I wanted to love this series, my friend recommend it, but it just didn't work for me.

Guilty Pleasures
(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1) by
Laurell K. Hamilton

 read my review here

I wanted more from this book. The movie trailers looked so good that I thought the book would be fantastic. But it seemed to be not as thriller-ish as the movie portrayed.

The Woman in Black by
Susan Hill


I don't know what I wanted from this book, channeling Mark Twain from the grave sounded like a great read. A book that was banned from being published now brought back to the Kindle. There is so much to love, but…

Jap Herron, A Novel Written from the Ouija Board: Paranormal Parlor, A Weiser Books Collection by
Emily Grant Hutchings,
Varla Ventura

 The review is here

There are my 21 reads out of the 33 books I wanted to read. I would have been closer if I finished all the books I started.

Here are some that I started:

A Discovery of Witches by
Deborah Harkness –
I'm more than half way done with this but there is a waiting list to get it back on the kindle. So I wait. 

Swaplandia! by Karen Russell – So odd. Again I was half way through when the loan ended, I just didn't care enough to renew it or get it again.

The Circus in Winter by
Cathy Day
– I am half way through and I have to get this back on the Kindle in the New Year to finish it up!!! 

The Aviary by Kathleen O'Dell – The loan just ended and with Christmas coming I didn't have time to finish it – I must get this one again – I was almost done! 

Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by
Maggie Stiefvater -
maybe I'll get back to it.

The Sinking of the Titanic by
Bruce Caplan –
So sad. real accounts put in order just like you were there. I had to stop reading it because I could see through the tears. I still have this one and will finish it. I'm more than half way through. It's on my to finish list for sure.

The Night Circus by
Erin Morgenstern –
Is what I'm finishing up right now. I can't count it 100% done, so it will fall into next years I guess. BUT totally worth a read! I love this book!!! 


If I could count all of the kid books I read then I would be well past my goal. But I can't – it's just not right.So. Again Reading Fail for 2012. I can only hope to do better in 2013!

Advent Gift Day 24 – Zombie or Frankie Necklace

My daughter is an odd one. Let's just get that out of the way. Her love of Zombies is almost disturbing. And with Frankenweenie just out in theaters the love of the macabre is something to make a momma proud. So for the last in a (VERY) long line of Advent gifts, I'm sharing the Frankenstein Necklace. This little beauty can be worn year round to celebrate the "Dr.'s" creation.



Take a little of the clay and roll out a snake. Cut it into
1" long pieces, then taper the ends a little. Make about 12 to 15
"stitches", to make the X just place the one coil over the other and
pinch them together a bit.  Once the
stitches are ready take the needle or toothpick and push it through the clay


Next bake the clay according to the instructions on the


When the clay has cooled thread the pieces onto a piece of
black embroidery floss. I tied little knots on either side of the clay piece to
hold them in place. Add the lobster clasp to one end and the jump ring on the


The necklace is done!


Advent Gifts Day 23 – Button Bracelets

I have a jar of buttons that I'm saving for someday, well
that someday has come. I have been making simple button bracelets for my
daughter  and myself. Today I'm raiding the box to make a couple awesome ones for the Advent gift.


Start by cutting a length of floss. If your button has 4
holes, insert the floss from the backside into one of the holes, come to the
front side of the button then down into the hole next to the one you came out
of. It will make a loop, before pulling the loop tight to the button, pull the
2 strings from the backside up through the loop, making a kind of knot. See the
pictures. Repeat for the other side. To wear tie it onto the wrist. You could
place a clasp
on one end and jump
ring on the other for easy on and off.


Another idea for a 4 hole button is to insert the floss into
the hole from the backside and down into the hole diagonal to it. Then with
another piece of floss do the same with the other two holes. Then flip the
button over and tie the different two strings together, this will hold the
button in place.


If you have a 2 hole button, bring the floss up from the
backside through the hole and tie a knot at the side of the button. Then do the
same on the other side.


A cute addition to any outfit.  

Advent Gift Day 22 – Crown Hair Clip

Ok, the pictures are horrible, but the idea is
adorable.  I made a tiny leather crown
and glued it to a hair clip. Very simple.


Start off with a thin supple piece of leather. Cut a
rectangle about 3" long and a tiny bit more than 1" high.  See in the picture how I cut some dabs in the


Then I hot glued the crown
together then cut the zigzag top.


I glued the tabs to the clip using E6000, that stuff stinks
but you can't beat the hold!


I used nail polish to add color
and glitter to the metal hair clip.              

Furry Fridays – A Peony for Your Thoughts


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today the blogger Kate behind A Peony for Your Thoughts is here to share all about her fur love Henry! Thanks for joining us Kate!
Intro PicHenry Puppy PicHen Pic 3Hen Pic 5
shirt: F21 /  leggings: american apparel /  boots: DSW /  bag: rouge & whimsy
Hen & I pic

Hello friends! 
I’m Kate from A Peony for Your Thoughts.  I was excited when Becky asked me to be a part of Furry
Fridays because if there’s anything I love to do its talk to anyone and
everyone who will listen about our giant Bloodhound puppy.   I blog about my life as a newlywed, our new house, a little
bit of fashion and if I’m being honest a LOT about Henry. 

Everyone always asks my husband and I why we got a bloodhound
– since we aren’t hunters and don’t plan on using him for search and
rescue.  We don’t really have a
good answer besides I’m a sucker for hound dogs (we had a beagle growing up,
and my parents have a treeing walker coonhound) and I mean seriously, how can
you not love this wrinkly face?  

Henry is totally our first “child”, we spoil him rotten and
we’re a little obsessed with him. 
It’s been a bit of an adjustment welcoming a giant slobbery dog into our
new house (especially since the previous owners chose BEIGE carpet for the
entire house), but we love him so much. 
We got him from a breeder as a 9 week old puppy at 16lbs; since then he’s
steadily gained about 5lbs a week. 
He’s currently a whopping 87lbs at 7 months and growing.  He’ll top out between 100-140lbs.  We currently have him enrolled in
PetSmart training, which has been great.  We figured he’d better have good manners or he’ll be walking
us at that size!   It’s going
okay so far, hounds are definitely easily distracted but he’s getting there. 

Oh, and I was totally charting his growth like a mommy
blogger for a while there (crazy or ironic? you decide).  Lately it seems like his growth has
slowed a little, so maybe he won’t reach the full max weight for his
breed.  We also constantly make up crazy
songs about Hen, “who’s that hound? 
It’s HEN!  (to the tune of
the New Girl  theme song).  And he has a million nicknames; hen,
hennanator, henny penny, the littlest hen.  I also just realized the other day that we accidentally
named him after Jenna Bush Hager’s husband, Henry Hager.  Oops?  In my family we always gave our pets middle names, so Henry
has not escaped that tradition; he goes by Henry Halifax Hager. 

We’re living in a world of baby gates right now, since Henry
can’t be left alone without some sort of destruction occurring.  And also we have a cat that is not so
sure about him.  She’s pretty brave
from behind the gate, and will run up and bat him in the face.  He thinks this is just the greatest and
hops around like a maniac while wagging his tail.  I have high hopes that they’ll be great friends one day,
fingers crossed.  We’ve had great
luck with crate training.  Henry
loves his crate and goes in there on his own to sleep or if he gets spooked by
something (vacuum, etc).  Hopefully
one day, once puppy hood has come and gone, we can just get him a bed in the
corner.  For now the crate has
really worked great for us.  

You can find more pics and stories about Henry over here on
my blog.  Thanks Becky and Steph for having

Kate blogs at A Peony for Your Thoughts // Tweets // Pins 

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Advent Gifts Day 21 – Reindeer Pin

I loved Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid. In Girl Scouts I think we made over 400 swaps out of shrinking plastic. Now, all kinds of crafters are using the material – it's not just for kids anymore!

I love the silhouette of the deer or reindeer. So, I made this cute glitter pin for my daughter. She loves holiday pins – any holiday. This totally made her day.

To start find your image, like I said I used a deer. Place the plastic over top of your image and trace it with a marker onto the plastic. The deer head was 2.5"w x 3.5" h and when it shrunk down the pin back barely fit, so make sure to look at your size chart included in the package of shrinkable plastic, so you know how large to start.

Reindeer pin

Next, using scissors, cut out the image.Place them on a tray and bake them in the oven according to the package. Mine said 325 degrees watching for them to curl up and flatten out. It took about a minute to shrink and 30 seconds to flatten.

Reindeer pin-2

Once they were cool I applied the pin back using the glue E-6000. I really don't care to use it but it does work great.

Reindeer pin-3

Once the pinback glue was dry, I applied a layer of clear tacky glue to the front side of the pin.

Reindeer pin-4

Then covered it with glitter.

Reindeer pin-5

I left it dry over night, then it was ready to be pinned on and shown off!

Reindeer pin-7



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Adorned From Above

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Furry Fridays: A Day in the Life of Me


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we are featuring Kristen from A Day in the Life of Me and her fur loves! Thanks for being a part of Furry Fridays Kristen!
Hi, I'm Kristen from A Day in the Life of Me!  I started my blog to share my life on the daily and the people I share it with.  You can find fun dates with my long time boyfriend, family parties, and life with two cuties named Bella and Lucie.  They're better known as Boo Boo and Moosie.


Bella and Lucie came to our family from an organization that helps find homes for unwanted puppies.  We first found Bella and her sister Alli.  We went to the organization for just one and found we couldn't resist the cute face of her sister and ended up coming home with them both.  Unfortunately, Alli was very sick and passed away within a week.  The organization asked if we'd be willing to take another puppy that needed a home free of charge.  We couldn't say no.  So, along came Lucie. 


Now, Bella ran the house for a few months before Lucie came home.  She wasn't the happiest dog when a new friend entered her home.  But it wasn't long that Lucie grew on Bella and now they are inseparable.  Bella still gives those growls to remind Lucie who runs the house, but Lucie can sure hold her own.  It's quite the love/hate relationship they have.  We couldn't be happier to have found two fun, loving, little snuggle puppies!!  They can reck some havoc in our home, but they sure know how to warm your heart!


Thanks Steph and Becky for featuring my dogs and I!

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Advent Gifts Day 20 – Story Block

Help get those creative ideas flowing with a story block!!!



This is one of those projects that is really easy and doesn't take a lot of explaining but is a super idea to help with creativity in little ones.

The idea of the story block is to roll the dice and see which character comes up and start telling a story based on that image, color or feelings. The whole story can be based on 1 roll or it can be rolled again to add another character.

There are so many uses. It could be used at night, the little one rolls and Mom or Dad makes up a story based on the roll. To help with the child's own story telling or creative writing. It can be a game where one person rolls and starts the story, then passes the Story Block to the next person and they roll adding onto the current story.


I used fairytale images, an angry troll/elf, a leprechaun, a fairy under a mushroom, a unicorn, a happy dragon, a field of mushroom. I made a copy of the images on a black and white laser copier so the ink did not smudge when I applied the Mod Podge. I colored in the images with colored pencils.


I used a 4" x 4" block I picked up at the craft store and cut 6 different squares from scrap-booking paper.

I covered the side of the block with a good layer of Mod Podge, then placed the scrapbook paper.


Smoothed it out then covered it with Mod Podge and placed the character image on and covered it with Mod Podge and smooth the image out. Then I left that side dry. Once dry I turned the block and worked on the next side.


After all six sides are done the block is finished. Some people take a piece of sand paper and scuff up the edges to make the whole block look more worn and vintage, if you do that then I would go back and cover those edges with a little more Mod Podge to make sure there are no paper edges exposed.

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2012 Family Pictures – Creepy but Awesome

I am very excited about my family pictures this year.  Although there were tears and lots of yelling, the pictures were taken and I think they are really cool. This undisclosed location lends itself to vintage awesomeness. The undecorated, cracked walls with the vintage lounge chair give an overall creepy feel to the pictures.

I am the photographer, I took the family shots with a timer. The last shot was taken by my husband.

My sister confirmed that they were creepy. That made my Hubs pretty happy. Here we go, let me know what you think.






On Her: Dress – Lauren Conrad / Shoes – Bongo / Headband – Forever 21 / Bracelets – Forever 21 / Glasses – Bon Look

On Him: Jacket – Vintage / Jeans – DHJC / Shirt – Old Navy / Shoes – Dr. Martens / Hat – Bailey of Hollywood / Bow Tie – Vintage / Suspenders – Handmade

On the Kid: Dress – Cherokee / Sweater – Cherokee / Boots – Unknown / Headband – Forever 21 / Bracelets – Forever 21


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