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Matching Easter Outfits – I Know You’re Jealous

I'm in love with my new dress. It's a Lily Pulitzer! And yes, the print is Zebras and Butterflies. When I said I was wearing it for Easter my daughter runs into her room and comes out with a Gymboree dress that is green and pink with Flamingos on it! How awesome is that? Then Hubs pulls out the green dress shirt and pink bow tie, and just like that we are ready to hit the town.

My little girl has worn a hat on Easter every year since she was born. She's the only one that shows up in an Easter Bonnet at church. The vintage bunny pin just looks awesome on the hat! There is always a matching purse, this year's is a Longaberger – an early present from Grammie. (are you kidding right?!)

One more thing – the Julep box of the month showed up on Saturday and the green in it just matched my dress perfect. A beautiful accent for my nails!


I'm loving the Sony camera for just taking everyday pictures! The timer worked out great for these family shots! Super Score!

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Furry Fridays – Trish from JellyBones

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!

Today,meet Trish from JellyBones and her adorable fur creature, Tootsie Roll!

Hey there fellow geeks in glasses!  My name is Trish, and I am the driving force behind JellyBones, a blog about my many loves, food, drink, craft, and my itty bitty fam.  Although I don't have any human children, I've got my spoiled little bit, Tootsie Roll.  Oh my gosh I just love this little lady.

furryfriday1 photo furryfridays1_zps0da8e90c.jpg
My fiance and I first met Tootsie Roll on April 10th, 2011.  She was only 10 weeks old, and my heart just melted.  She ran up to me and wanted to just be held from the moment we met.  There was no turning back…… I was in luuuuuuuuuuuv.  She's a salt and pepper mini-schnauzer, although I've never seen one that looks quite like her before.  Maybe it's the giant floppy ears, or the haircut.  Or maybe we were duped and she's a mutt.  All I know is, she's my little companion.
furryfriday3 photo furryfridays3_zps812085df.png
Tootsie became part of our family in a heart beat.  We took her EVERYWHERE!  I even took her to work.   I guess you could say we coddled her, still do.  ha!  
furryriday5 photo furryfridays5_zpsb052af02.jpg
Tootsie may be the sweetest little dog in the entire world.  At least I like to think so!  I'm probably a bit biased though. :) 
She loves to cuddle.  SOOOO much cuddling.  We've literally created a cuddle monster!  She'll paw at you when she wants some loves, so, like, constantly.
furryfriday7 photo furryfridays7_zps5e1362a9.jpg
Tootsie's favorite things to do are cuddle, eat clumps of grass, cuddle, collect toys (but her most prized possession is her duckie), eat vegetables, cuddle, grunt, give high fives, oh yeah and did I mention cuddle!  
furryfriday9 photo furryfridays10_zps4f07b3f0.jpg
This is Tootsie in her favorite spot.  Top of the couch with someone there with her.  I had no idea this little bit would steal my heart the way she has!!!  
Thank you so much Stephanie for letting me a part of Furry Fridays!  I love an excuse to talk about my pup.  Wanna read more about JellyBones life???  Pop on over and have a look around.  I love meeting new blogging friends, and especially fellow animal lovers.  I'm looking forward to reading more Furry Friday posts. :)
Trish Blogs Here // Facebook // Tweets
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Love for Tissue Flowers

I write craft posts for Think Crafts by Create for Less.

So, I have been working on different crafts using tissue paper and coffee filters. First off I made these beautiful Daffodil Party Favors. I think they are totally adorable! They make the table beautiful and guests happy!

Follow this link to get the directions!

Next, I made the super pretty tissue paper flowers! These are so easy and enexpensive! They will make a simple party look like a gala for the queen!

Check out this link for simple instructions!


Camera Takes It’s Own Portraits


I won a Sony NEX-5R with 18-55 Len. It's a fairly pricy little camera with tons of options. It takes video and stills. I love that it is fully manual and fully automatic. The one thing that frightens me is that it takes it's own portraits. Think about it, you frame out a great shot, then look through your images and there are all these untaken portraits. They just showed up magically. It's a little creepy. 

I didn't know it did this, because I didn't read the whole manual. So, I handed the camera over to my daughter who is 4. I just wanted a full length shot. When she hands the camera back there are some very nicely cropped portraits. I'm thinking I saw her take these, and she didn't move the lens. Creepy, the camera is thinking for me or her. 

So, some of these portraits are great some I think are fails. That makes me a little more happy that the camera still isn't as smart as a real eye. What do you think?

(The white balance is out of control on some of these, I haven't even looked into that yet. So be warned)

I think these are some of the more successful portraits that my camera decided to take on it's own.




I think that these are the FAILS of the camera! Cropping too close to the face. Cropping out the egg basket, the whole purpose of the picture. Cropping out Great Grandpa is BAD, even if the rest of the picture is a train wreck comp wise, cropping G. Grandpa is wrong! And the last one is personal taste. I love the vast white of the weird wall, is it better to be close up, I don't know.


So, is it better to have technology think for us or is there still something smart and artistic about the human eye? I think the whole thing is creepy.

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Egg Hunt, Bar Dancing, and Blog Hopping

This weekend was the local egg hunt. It lasted less than a minute. The kid only got 4 eggs, but at least she picked them up herself. I'm sorry but egg hunts are for the kids and at the age of 4 they should be able to pick up their own eggs. I helped with direction, because she got overwhelmed with the rush of kids, but once she got going, it was all her. It's a cut-throat world out there when it comes to free candy in plastic eggs!!!


After the egg hunt we did some bar dancing. To finish off March Madness for us, my tiny dancer did one more session at the local Irish Pub with her Irish Dance group. Her great-grandparents, grandma and family friends were there to cheer her on. I'm proud of her. Look at the feet, ready to go! Then below, she is facing forward, with good feet and clapping. What more can I ask for from a 4 year old!!!

And on this snowy Monday morning, I'm doing a little Bloglovin' Blog Hop, so come on over and join up. There are some great blogs that are taking part. Even if you don't have a blog, you can still set up a Bloglovin' account to get all your favorite blog posts emailed to you in one email. Super awesome!




String Egg Decoration

This eggs are everywhere. We tried our hand at them and this is how they came out! Not too bad.

Here's how we made them:

Equal parts glue and water with a table spoon of corn starch mixed in.

Soak the string in the water and lay it over the balloon. Use a 3 foot long pieces of string, that way you can wrap it around the balloon a little better.

Let the string dry on the balloon. Once dry pop the balloon and there you go!


Furry Fridays – Sinea from Puppies-Puppies

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!

Meet Sinea of Puppies-Puppies and her cute pups!

Thank you so much, Stephanie & Becky, for inviting me to share my “Furry Friend Story”.
My name is Sinea (pronounced SEENA) and next to God and family, dogs are my first love. I can’t imagine life without them, can you?

I am a fulltime blogger. My primary blog is called Ducks ‘n a Row and it’s about organizing, time management, recipes, decorating, DIY projects, family, and so on. It’s lots of fun and growing fast.
Why another blog? Because we got a puppy. She was the catalyst. Her name is Sadie, and even before she arrived I had a lot of questions about raising her. It had been years. The more I read, researched, asked and learned I found myself wanting to share about it.


So, I decided to start a blog dedicated to all who love puppies. I call it Puppies-Puppies. It started as a Facebook Fanpage (please LIKE our page!), since blogs take longer to develop. is definitely in its infancy. (I guess you could say it’s a puppy, too.) In fact, I’m still working out the bugs in the URL. It will be fixed soon, till then just use the link in this article and it will take you right there. As you will see, we could use a few followers on the blog, too. (As of this moment, we have 59 Facebook Fans and 3 blog followers, one of whom is ME!)

We have two beautiful yellow labs. Lexi is a big 8 year old English lab that we rescued over 4 years ago. Prior to that, she’d been used for breeding in a puppy mill. (You will soon be able to read her story on Puppies-Puppies. Stay tuned!)
The other is little Sadie. She is now 6 months old. Cute as can be and VERY puppy. Sadie is so active that I should have lost weight chasing her around. (I must have increased my eating…I did not lose weight.)
I cannot express how thrilled I was when she finally learned “sit”! Then she added “sit/stay” – more than I could have hoped for so early in her training. We still have a lot of work to do, though. She loves pillows and not with good in mind. Running through the house, swinging them around and…if she has time…ripping them up. That’s what she thinks they are there for. Toys! She’ll eventually learn. Until then, many rooms are off-limits. 

Big yellow lab with little yellow lab

The two dogs get along well but Lexi is old enough that she doesn’t want to play as much as Sadie does. (Sadie wants to play all the time!) When that happens, I step in and play or go out to toss the ball for her but I’m not a dog. Sadie inevitably will be back jumping on Lexi, looking to wrestle. It’s fun to watch them when Lexi plays, too. Big and little. So cute. Lexi is very gentle with her.
Please Join Us: Puppies-Puppies will be offering a repertoire of “puppy things” for all of our dog-loving readers. Stories. Pictures. Puppy videos. Dog care advice. Resources. Everything that those of us who love dogs enjoy. I’m looking for lots of interaction, too. Let’s share. So, if you are a dog lover, stop by both the blog and our Facebook page. Become a subscriber and like our page so that we can stay in touch…Sinea

Sinea blogs Here and Here / Facebook

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We moved to Surrey from London, with Honey's daddy – a professional rugby player and sausage maker." 

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St. Patrick’s Day and all it’s Wonder!

My daughter is an Irish Dancer. I am in no way, shape or form Irish. I am what looks like to be 100% German, which is fine with me – I feel pretty American myself. Hubs on the other hand is 50/50, 50% Irish and 50% Italian. So, St. Patrick's Day to me is my chance to be Irish I guess, like everyone else!

Our weekend started of with a party that the kids danced at. I love my dance friends because they are awesome! But why is my Husband always the problem?


After a hard night of dancing what do all Irish do, belly up to the bar right?!?! This is probably a crowning monument for our dance instructor!


My Tiny Dancer.


Then we move onto the parade. Yes, parades are wonderful – just not when it's rainy, snowy, sleet, hail. Those elements weren't really what we wanted. Last year we got sunburned, this year they are had to sweep an inch of snow off the float. The float is for the tinys, the under 5s, SO, next year I guess my little one will be walking and dancing since she will be the big 5 years old!

I was trying to stay positive, but I couldn't get a smile out of any of these little ones!


Following the parade, we got together with some friends. It's great to share non-dance time with them and let the kids play.

And to end the day, I served up some killer cupcakes.They are called the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes and can be found over at the Brown Eyed Baker. They were awesome, but I did not add the whiskey shot in the center because there were too many little ones, I didn't want to be responsible if they grabbed one of those!!!


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