Furry Fridays – Danielle from Underland to Wonderland

Brought to you weekly by Becky and Steph!
Give a warm welcome to Danielle and her fur babies!
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''Always the animal lover I've had 7 hamsters, 5 fish, 4 rabbits, a guinea pig and a dog over time. 

Today I have 3, oops, sorry 2 animals/children and one man in my house. Baker and Bunny!
is a 3 year old English Spot rabbit and his name wasn't meant to be
permanent… There were issues sexing him when we bought him as a little
baby bunny and so we called him that until we could tell what he was.
It's lucky that it did stick though because he was wrongly sexed as a
female for almost the 1st year of his life bless him. Living in the
house, Bunny has his own cage (kitted out with edible Harry Potter books
and toys)  in our spare room dubbed 'the rabbit room' and often prances
about after me while I'm pottering about doing housework. He is trained
to potty in a certain place, responds to his name and can go and sit on
a mark you have told him to! In our old house he acted much more like a
dog than a rabbit hopping up onto the sofa for a hug and stuff.
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is my puppy dog. I was never allowed a dog growing up although I adored
visiting my grand parents to play with all of my Granda's working dogs.
He had Border Collies and one Lurcher that he had taken in when it
needed a home, so when in October of 2012 we saw a litter of Collie
Lurcher cross pups I saw it as a sign and my other half arrange for us
to go pick one as an early birthday present. 
Now a year old Baker is always receiving comments on how well
trained he is and I hope my Granda would be proud. He has all the basics
down but also gives high 5's, kisses and if you are sad/crying he'll
come and bring you a toy or lick you to cheer you up! As an ex portrait
photographer Baker is now usually my favorite model and is pretty
photogenic. If you like cute and funny videos of puppies be sure to
check out my YouTube as there are plenty of little man on there, including him learning to use his daddys skateboard!
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I do a lot of work to promote animal charities, proper animal care,
the use of products that are NON-animal tested and more through my blog
and have even completed a charity skydive to raise money so it should
be clear how strongly I feel about animal welfare. If I could give
advice to anyone choosing a pet it would be to research everything! Look
into a breed that will fit into your life no matter what species. Make
sure you have the time, money, energy and resources to give that pet the
best life you can – don't just choose it for the cuteness factor!''
Danielle blogs at Underland to Wonderland and it will be back in action in October! 
you love your pet and want to be featured on Furry Fridays? Send your
story of pet love, up to 5 pictures, tip about choosing a pet, how to
rescue an animal or pet care tip and a link to your

Email your stuff to ageekinglasses(at)gmail(dot)com or bisforbeckystets(at)gmail(dot)com subject line: Furry Fridays.

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