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Quick and Easy Kid Friendly Crafts – Kick Winter Break Boredom!

The kids are on winter break and they are driving you nuts already, right? Here are some quick and easy crafts that they can make that make a cool end product. I'm not into construction paper reindeer or paper plate snowflakes. Children can make quality items just like adults. I think this makes the kiddo proud of her project and makes the receiver actually use the gifted item, which also boosts the kid's feeling of pride in quality work.

Too many times we simplify or dumb down a project because we don't think the age group can handle it, kids are amazing little people and with a little guidance they can make amazing things!

I wrote all these posts over the last couple months for Think Crafts Blog and my little one (5 years old) has been able to help make all of them. So, kick boredom outta that house and get crafting!

Fingerprint Light Strand

Ok, this one is just plain adorable. I'm not a huge fan of finger print pictures, but this one was fun and combind her tiny prints with my mad skills of drawing a black line to connect them.

Craft time about 5 – 7 minutes. Just long enough to settle down, not overly intense.

Check the full tutorial here


The Button Wreath

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you can make a wreath. These are so cute and can really help with those extra buttons dangling from your newly purchased clothing presents. The supply list is simple and it requires no tying, unless you put a bow on it. That's just practice for our Kindergartners anyways, basic shoe tying. Use the pipe cleaner to twist around itself, it couldn't get any easier!

Craft time 10 mins.

Full tutioral here



No Sew Hand-warmers

While I'm a firm believer in teach them a skill young and they'll knew it for life, I'm not ready to embark on the adventure Kindergarten Home Ecc. quite yet. So, this No Sew project is great way to introduce fabric into her crafting skill repertoire without actually stitching her finger to it. Fabric glue will become your new best friend!!!

Craft time 15 – 20 minutes. 24 hours for the glue to dry completely.

Check out the tutorial here

. Handwarmer-5

No Sew (or Knit, or Crochet) Coffee Cup Cozy

I don't really know why we love these things, but if you've tried one, I bet you liked it. On a cold day it warms your hands and is snugly soft while keeping the precious "juice of life" hot in the mug. This is another No Sew projects that takes a basic sock and turns it into a great gift.

Craft time 7 – 8 minutes, but 24 hours for the glue to set completely.

Read the full tutorial here.



Ornament Terrarium

Now is the time – Sales are on, run to the craft store and buy those glass or plastic fill-able ornaments!!! Just because you use a Christmas ornament doesn't mean it's just for the Holidays. These terrariums are a great way to teach about a basic eco environment. Use living plants and real water to create a little world that the kids can take care of.

Craft time 20 minutes.

Find the complete tutorial here.


Enjoy the Winter Break with your kids and CRAFT ON!!


Quick Tip – Wrap with Bling

Here is a quick tip for lazy people, like me – wrap with bling. I had a cute little box come in the mail and it had labels on it, so I removed what I could and what was left over I covered in adhesive Dazzling Diamond vinyl. The diamond sticker sheets are easily cut with scissors and it just sticks in place. You can't ask for an easier way to wrap! And just so you know, it was the first present picked off of the Gift Exchange table because it was so sparkly.

Blingwrap-2 Blingwrap

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