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Bling Up Your Sneakers! No Tweezer Required!

I just had the opportunity to try out this great new product! While, I have many ideas that I'm going to be posting over the next couple of days, I'm starting off with my shoe revamp!

I have noticed people getting HUGE dollars for sneakers that have been hand embellished with jewels and whatnot. I personally don't have time to hand set all those sparkles. So when I was asked to try the new Dazzling Diamond Self-Adhesive Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique, I knew exactly what my first project would be.

The Buckle Boutique offers several different colors of the Self Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker sheets!!! Here's what they have to say about the product:

Adhesive Rhinestones are a quick and easy way to add bling, sparkle and
shine to cheer boxes, invitations, plastic, glass, fabric and more! 
Want to cover a larger surface with continuous rhinestones, but don't
want to place each one by hand?  These sheets are the answer!  A real
time saver!

Here are some of the great points to this fantastic new product: 

1. They have a ton of colors and designs available!

2. The sheets are available in 2 sizes, which makes it great for all of us out there with personal cutting machines! (Did you read that? I said it can be cut with a Cricut, just like other vinyls! See how the possibilities just became ENDLESS!!!!)

3. You can also cut it with scissors or a paper cutter, like I am going to show you.

4. The "stones" are actually a resin (liquid)
product that is poured into a mold and baked at a high temperature. They have a consistency of a firm gel. Thus, they can be cut down the

5. If you love the product as much as I do, wholesale opportunities are available for qualified buyers!

Now on to the Shoe project.
I had a pair of well loved Chucks. Here they are. They have been loved. I wanted to give them a new life for the fall so they got a little make over.
First, they got a fresh coat of black fabric paint to bring them back to their former glory. Then, I used some gold nail polish and painted the white sole. A balck sharpie maker to touch up any of the black pinstriping. I used a cream ribbon for the laces. Lastly, the Pièce de résistance is the toe, covered in the adhesive Dazzling Diamond Sticker Sheet in Gold.

To cover the toe, I made a tracing of the toe on tracing paper, then transferred that to the back of the Dazzling Diamond Sticker Sheet and cut it out using everyday kitchen scissors. No tricks, just a simple snip, snip, then I peeled off the back to reveal the sticky side and BAM. I stuck it to the toe of the shoe.
So pretty, so easy. Dazzling Diamond Self Adhesive Sticker Sheets, where have you been all my life? 
I hope you like them! If you want to bling out your own sneaks, grab this promo code geek9, for 9% off your order at The Buckle Boutique




Do you want to win some sheets of Dazzling Diamond Sticker Sheets to make your own awesome stuff?! Come on over to my giveaway for the chance to win a great prize pack!

Shoes on the road, waiting for the bus. Totally Stylin'!

What do you think you'll make with the new Dazzling Diamond Sticker Sheets?


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